Haier 560Ltr Side-By-Side Refrigerator (HRF-619KG) Review

Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company in China. They design and manufacture Air conditioner, mobiles, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Haier is a trusted branded all over the world. Their products are one of the best. This Haier 560 liter refrigerator comes with quite a handful of the feature.

The power-saving technology, frost-free, shelves made of toughened glass. And the best feature of all is the twin inverter technology.

Power Saving

This refrigerator comes with power-saving technology. It consumes 0.95 units of power daily. You can see how low that amount is. This means, on average, you’ll be charged for about 28.5 units a month for the refrigerator only. That is way less than any other fridges.

Toughened Shelves

The shelves of this refrigerator are made of toughened glass. They are very sturdy and reliable. They can hold lots of weight on them. Plus, even if they are fell to the ground somehow, they won’t break.

Frost Free

The Auto defrosting technology has become very common in every refrigerator. It is very much needed too. This fridge will automatically do the defrosting for you. You might forget to do that manually, but your refrigerator won’t. The refrigerator will do the task for you by itself.

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What Do We like

Twin Inverter Technology

The twin inverter technology of this refrigerator is fantastic. This helps reduce the power consumption of the fridge all over. And apart from that, this technology will help run the refrigerator noise-free, absolutely quietly. This is a cutting edge tech.

Contoured Door

These doors are fascinating in this fridge. The 90-degree contoured door will open more than the standard fridge doors. And it will allow you to store stuff inside with more ease. It’ll take a bit more space than usual but its worth it.

Air Flow

The air vents that are inside the refrigerator circulates the fresh air to every corner of the fridge. It ensures the freshness of the foods and beverages that are stored inside. This Multi Air Flow system keeps your food fresh for the whole day.

What We Don’t Like


There are lots of space inside the Haier 560 liter refrigerator, but the ratio they have divided the space is not justified, I think. 66% of the space is fridge only, and a huge 34% takes the freezer portion. Naturally, no one needs that big of a freezer so.



The refrigerator from Haier is a decent product. It is a trustworthy brand too. The features of this fridge are quite good. The power-saving mode, auto defrosting to stop the ice, shelves are pretty sturdy, and the contoured door is something everyone will love it.

It has a 1-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on the compressor and fan motor. It is a decent buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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