Haier 531Ltr Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator (HRB-550KG) Review

Haier is a Chinese Company and has popularly known for its refrigerator and other home appliances. It is one of the most trusted brands for products innovating appliances for over a century.

Haier Side-By-Side refrigerator is embedded with twin inverter technology which runs on dc current and maximizes the life of the refrigerator. It has a sleek a depth of 655m which makes it the slimmest refrigerator and one of its kind.


It is Ergonomically Designed

This refrigerator is divided into two sections. It has ten shelves and four drawers at the bottom, each has a spacious depth and offers a large storage capacity. It also has toughened glass drawers which make it easy and convenient to view and sort vegetables, fruits and other food items separately. The inside of the doors of the refrigerator have holders for additional storage of food and stuff.

Optimum Fridge to Freezer Ratio

This refrigerator is innovatively designed to combine a perfect ratio between the fridge and the freezer. It comes with spacious storage space and a larger freezer compartment along with with the new Side By Side slim-fit design, which cater to all of your refrigerator needs.

Has Slimline SBS

This Refrigerator is slim enough to fit into any modular kitchen perfectly because of its slimmest structure and design.

Super freeze and Cooling system

It is equipped with a super freeze and cooling system, which cools the items immediately with just one touch.It comes with a smart cooling system which helps to eliminate the formation of frosts and manual defrosting procedure. It keeps food items cool and fresh for a longer time without losing their nutritive value.

Equipped with Powerful Fan

It comes with an inverter fan motor feature which has powerful blades to distribute a smooth airflow into the storage compartments. It helps to maintain a stable and evenly cool environment, while also eliminating the need for a manual defrost process, thus making the experience great.

Has Frost Free Doors

It is featured with frost-free doors, which ensures that the appliance remains frost-free at all times. It is equipped with bigger cool pads which help to retain the cooling effect for up to 10 hours even when there is a power cut.

Has Twin Inverter Technology

It is equipped with twin inverter technology, which helps to reduces the voltage fluctuations and keep the compressor healthy and intact for a long time. The amount of noise made by the refrigerator is much lesser. This means the energy or electricity consumption of this refrigerator is much lesser when the temperature stabilizes.

Comes with Sensor smart technology

It comes with Hi-tech sensors which automatically adjust the temperature range based on the contents and other ambient conditions and to help maintain consistent and safe temperature levels for household requirements. This smart technology allows you to maintain a safe storage environment to retain the quality of your food items while also minimizing energy consumption.

220V voltage rating

It works best on the voltage of 220V

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What Do We like

Large capacity

It has enormous capacity, ideal for a family with members up to 5-6 peoples. Now you don’t have to worry about where to keep the leftovers after a big house party, as there is much space in the refrigerator, which will keep the food fresh.

Quick cooling

The multi airflow technology lets the cool air to circulate at every corner of the fridge, allowing the food or product kept in it, fresh.

Super Silent 

The fridge works its operation in super silence so that you can enjoy your time at home without any disturbance.

Smart Tech Operations

It is built with many advanced technologies which aims at making your refrigerator experience great.


What We Don’t Like

No such cons were found


If you are looking for a huge capacity refrigerator then Haier 531 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator is surely the one for you. It offers all the latest technology at a much reasonable price compared to models from other brands.

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Ambareen Azam

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