Vega Crux DX Full Face Helmet Review

Vega helmets are one of the oldest and leading helmet manufacturing company in the world. With over 25 years of experience, this company has achieved new heights and spread more than ever.

The Vega crux full-face helmet is a very uniquely camouflage printed helmet that looks pretty stylish. This is a flip-up helmet, which means you can also use this as an open face helmet too. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if this product is worth buying or not.

Tough exterior

This helmet is built with a robust quality ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) shell that is very sturdy and lightweight at the same time. This premium quality mid-range helmet is one of the best and most robust.

The mechanical properties of this ABS material come with high impact resistance that absorbs most of the damage to protect your head. Also, it can resist a higher and lower temperature of 95 degrees and -10 degrees, respectively.

Anti-scratch visor

The advanced quality visor of this helmet will not only protect from the direct sunlight reflecting on your eyes, but also it is UV resistant. The scratch-resistant face shield is made with polycarbonate. This hard-coated visor is very sturdy, and the press and release mechanism makes it easier to use. The front face of this visor is hard coated with silicon for a better and clear view.


The airflow technology of this helmet is pretty advanced. This motorcycle helmet is a full-face helmet but can be converted into an open-face as well. This wide eye port ventilation, and air vents that are placed on the top of the helmet, will keep your head cool in the summer while riding. It prevents sweating too.

Due to the proper air circulation, the inner padding will not get stinky from your sweat, and you won’t have to wash them often.

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What Do We like

Great comfort

This Vega crux is one of the most comfortable from Vega helmets. The comfort liner that comes with this helmet is made of EPS (Expanded polystyrene) crushable foams that take around 8-10 days to settle according to your head shape. They are anti-microbial for hygiene purposes but non-removable. The soft inner padding ensures maximum comfort and protection.

Complete protection

 This helmet’s outer ABS shell is sturdy and high impact resistant. The thick inner padding will reduce the energy transferred to your head on impact, saving your head from any injury.


This Crux helmet from Vega is one of the most lightweight products. It weighs around 1.1 kg. This minor weight doesn’t feel like anything on your head, and you can comfortably enjoy a long ride without getting irritated.

Secure fit

The fittings of any helmet are essential for protection purposes. This is a medium-sized helmet but is also available in different sizes. Measure your head using a measurement tape from an inch above your eyebrow to know the exact size. Compare the size with the size chart of the helmet and then purchase the right helmet.

What We Don’t Like


The only con of this helmet is that it does not come with any chinstraps. This means less protection.


This mid-range helmet is very stylish when it comes to design and also is very lightweight and durable. This is an ISI approved helmet with smooth functions and flip-up feature which is pretty decent. If you are looking for a stylish helmet that will also provide you with adequate protection, then this is an ideal choice. Also, before you buy it, keep in mind that it does not come with any chinstraps.

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Koushik Mondal

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