Strauss Cycling Helmet Review

Strauss is a renowned company for fitness enthusiasts. This famous brand manufactures many products, including fitness, sports-related, yoga-related products, and cycling helmets.

This Strauss helmet is a stylish and durable product. The blue and white combination looks good and is also available in other colors as well. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if this product is worth buying or not.

Sturdy exterior body

The outer body of this Strauss helmet is made of 3 high-quality materials, i.e., EPS, PVC, and PC. The EPS or expanded polystyrene is a foam that is mostly used in cycles or automobiles. The reliability of this material and the high resistance of temperature is right. The PVC or Polyvinyl chloride is commonly known as synthetic plastic polymer. It is very lightweight and durable at the same time.

 This is mostly used in making high-quality pipes and helmets. The extra layer of PC or Polycarbonate on this helmet makes it a stronger and suitable helmet for professionals. These materials are heat resistant and are easy to shape.


Ventilation in a helmet makes it lighter and comfortable. This one comes with 18 vents airflow technology to circulate the cool breeze over your head to keep you relax and calm. This will prevent your head from sweating and stops heat build-up.


The compatibility of this helmet is great. It is suitable for adults, youth, and children as well. Also, it is designed for road bikes and mountain bikes as well.

Aerodynamic design

This mid-range helmet by Strauss comes with the best aerodynamic designs. This means the helmet is engineered in a particular shape so the airflow could pass over it offering minimum resistance. It is the perfect helmet for professional use.

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What Do We like


This Strauss helmet focuses on one major thing that is your comfort. It is equipped with soft inner padding on the inside to ensure comfort and protection. The micro shell helmet will not let you sweat even during summer.


The multi-layered helmet made with top quality materials will protect your head from any injury. It will absorb the maximum impact. It ensures maximum protection with its sleek design and comfortable padding.

Adjustable knob

This compatible helmet comes with an adjustable knob to let you adjust it according to your head size up to a certain level. It is equipped with an easy-use dial knob that will help you to access the feature when needed.

Quick-release buckle

The straps that come built-in the helmet can be released and locked as quickly as possible. The straps come with a chin pad for you to be more comfortable in the chin area. It is secured, so it does not come off while riding.


The outer body materials that have been used to make this helmet are very lightweight. This lightweight helmet makes sure you can wear it for a more extended period without discomfort. It is heat resistant and is wear-resistant as well. This is a perfect choice for rough and daily usage.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were seen so far.


The aerodynamic design and sturdy quality make the helmet one of the most excellent products. This is recommended for professionals and can also be used by any age group. This comes with one detachable visor as well for you to use. 

The 360 degrees adjustability makes this helmet premium. It also offers an excellent value of money. Make sure to go through our article to know in detail about this product before you make a purchase.

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Koushik Mondal

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