Proberos Outdoor Sport Bicycle Helmet for Man Woman Review

Proberos is a well-known company for manufacturing fishing gears mainly, but it also produces gloves, helmets, etc. The top-quality products have gained the customer’s trust over the years.

This sporty bicycle helmet is uniquely designed and also comes with proper ventilation, which makes it breathable. It comes in a yellow and black color combination that looks great. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.

High-quality exterior

The exterior of this pocket-friendly helmet is made of advanced quality EPS or Expanded polystyrene that is a crushable foam. This is mainly used in the manufacturing of helmets. Out of the three layers of the helmet, the middle layer, which is the most important one, is made of this lightweight yet sturdy EPS material to last longer, It provides maximum protection to your head.

Airflow technology

The ventilation of this Proberos helmet is excellent. The airflow technology in this helmet made to look stylish. The ventilation stops heat from building up, which causes you to sweat. The breeze makes you feel comfortable and also makes the helmet lighter.

Wear resistance

This top-quality low budget helmet comes with wear resistance. This means it is made for rough and daily usage. The engineering on this product and the high-quality material that has been used will not be damaged during regular usage. The damage will be kept to a minimum, and it can also resist high temperatures.

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What Do We like


This helmet is harder from the outside and has a soft structure on the inside. The soft padding of high-quality thermocol makes it more comfortable to wear. The ventilation stops you from sweating, and the padding allows you to wear this helmet for a more extended period. Also, the inner padding will minimalize any damage to protect your head as well.


The exterior EPS material of the helmet is very durable and sturdy. This will absorb most of the impact and protect your head from any traumatizing injury. The soft padding will also scatter the impact force to ensure maximum protection of your head.


A helmet should always fit you correctly so it can minimize any injury due to impact. You need to know the right size of the helmet that you will be needing. Measure your head using a measurement tape before you go to the store to buy a helmet. This is a medium-sized helmet for both men and women.

Adjustable regulator

This helmet comes with an adjustable regulator. It enables you to adjust the fittings of the helmet according to your head. It will ensure that the helmet does not come off while riding, so your head is protected from any injury on impact.


The Proberos helmet is a very lightweight product. The airflow technology and the lightweight outer body makes this product extremely comfortable. This is an ideal helmet for professionals. You can wear it for a longer period without facing any problem.

Secure straps

The straps and the regulator make sure the helmet is tied to your head, fits you properly. It also does not come off on impact or while riding to ensure maximum protection.

What We Don’t Like


The significant drawback of this product is that it does not come with any warranty. Although the price range of this Proberos helmet is pocket-friendly yet there should be at least a 6-month warranty.


This black and yellow colored sporty unisex bicycle helmet give a fashion statement. It is a very sturdy and lightweight helmet that protects your head as much as possible. This low budget professional helmets are of decent quality. This is an excellent value for money product that is worth buying.

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Koushik Mondal

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