Hero in-Mould Adult Cycle Helmet Review

Hero cycles, which manufactures these cycling helmets, are a part of Hero MotoCorp, previously known as Hero Honda. It is one of the world’s leading companies based in New Delhi. The top quality product and many years of trust have gained them the reputation.

This is one of the latest models from the Hero Sprint series helmets. The price range is affordable and is available in white and red mixed combinations. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if it is worth buying or not.

Exterior body

The outer body of this helmet is made with EPS that stands for Expanded polystyrene that is a crushable foam. The middle layer out of three layers of a helmet is the most crucial part, and that’s where EPS is used to make it lightweight yet durable. 

The price range of the helmet decides how many layers of EPS will be used on the helmet. This is a very sturdy material ready to absorb the impact.


If you are riding for a long-time wearing your helmet, then after a while, the heat starts to build up under your helmet, and you begin to sweat. Ventilation is necessary to pass the air over your head, and it also helps you to relax and remain sweat-free while riding. 

It helps you ride even in high temperatures without causing much trouble or building up the heat. This helmet is equipped with 18 vent airflow technology.

Detachable visor

This Hero Sprint helmet comes with a removable visor. It will protect your eyes from direct sunlight or dust. The visor will also protect you from the rain while riding. The three in one protection is helpful.


This is a very well designed helmet from Hero cycles. The color combination, along with the product quality, makes it a complete package. The 18 airflow vents make it look even more stylish.

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What Do We like


The soft padding on the interior and the ventilation system ensures comfort. The thermocol used is very soft and absorbs sweat as well when used for a more extended period. The quality of the thermocols at this price range is decent and works perfectly. Your head won’t feel heavy while wearing this.


This is all about protecting your head from any injury. The Hero Sprint helmets are made of solid quality EPS that is lightweight and very sturdy. The sturdy helmet will protect your head if you fall off while riding.


This helmet from Hero cycles comes with the perfect fit system. Make sure to know the right size of the helmet you are going to need before you buy one. This one is an L or large-sized helmet, measuring 54-62 cms. If your helmet does not fit you, it won’t protect you as it should.


There are decent quality straps built-in the Hero Sprint helmets. They ensure a secure fit, so the helmet does not come off while riding. It comes with an adjustable fit system that will allow you to adjust the straps as required.


These helmets are very lightweight to wear, so you do not feel uncomfortable or anything heavy on your head while riding. The 18 vent airflow technology makes this helmet lighter.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were seen so far.


These helmets are one of the finest from Hero cycles at a low budget price. It is feature-packed and looks pretty stylish to wear. This will save you from any traumatizing head injuries and also comes with a detachable visor. Please go through our article to know more about this product before you make a purchase.

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Koushik Mondal

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