Singer Stylee HD03 Hair Dryer Review

Singer Corporation has existed for a long time in the market. It is known for its sewing machines. Along with sewing machines, it also manufactures kitchen products like electric kettle, Coffee machines, air fryers, home appliances like iron, heaters, etc. and beauty products like hair straightener, air dryer, hair trimmer, etc.

They make the best quality products for their clients. Hairdryers from the Singer Company are durable with a compact design. Singer Stylee HD03 hairdryer is among the top hair dryers they make.

This dryer is simple to use and is stylish in looks. It has a compact design with a foldable handle, which makes it easier to store and carry around.


This product has a power output of 1600 Watts. The power is sufficient to give you a quick & gentle drying.

Overheat protection

This dryer is fitted with an overheat guard feature, which will protect your device from overheating. This will also protect your hair from getting damaged or burnt by the excess heat.

Heat setting and speed setting

This dryer has two pre-selected heat-setting and two-speed settings. These settings can be easily changed depending on your hair state.

Cool shot-feature

The dryer is fitted with a cool shot feature that maintains the required moisture in your hair and gives you desirable outcomes.


Singer Stylee HD03 hair dryer comes with a concentrator which enables on to focus air to a specific point. The concentrator will help in minimizing air loss.

Power cord

This singer’s hairdryer is powered by electricity via a power cord. The power cord will allow you to use the dryer at a distance from the socket. The cord is well insulated and strongly made to prevent any form of injury or damage.

Cord guard

With a cord guard, your power cable should serve you for a longer time. The guard will allow you to freely use your dryer at any angle.

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What Do We like

Storage hook

This dryer is fitted with a storage hook, which will allow you to store the product to a place that you will easily access.


This dryer comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Foldable handle

With a foldable handle, the product will have a compact design which will make it simple for one to store and carry the product.

Simple to use

Singer Stylee HD03 hairdryer is simple to use because all the buttons are well placed, and they can be easily pressed or moved to change a setting.


Singer Stylee HD03 is lightweight. One can work with it for long hours and have no fatigue effects. The lightweight feature will enable one to easily carry the product from one place to the other.

What We Don’t Like

No such negative points were observed so far


In summary, this the dryer that’s best for the value. It has a cool shot button that gives the best outcomes and cares for your hair. With a foldable handle, one will easily store in small places. This dryer also comes with a concentrator that will allow you direct air to a specific place for a specific purpose. Get yours today and feel the comfort.

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