Hana Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer Review

Hana, a brand that makes sure that your hair is as attractive as possible with the help of its hairdryers. Hana products are robustly built, hence very durable. Hana Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryers is among one of the haircare products of Hana. The product is available in black color, and it is simple to use. This product is best for professional use.


This is a 2000 watts hairdryer. The product is fitted with a powerful AC motor, which will give you a gentle & quick hair drying experience. Maximum shine and frizz-free results are achieved in just 4 to 8 minutes, hence saving your time.

Ionic technology

The dryer is fitted with Ions that are scientifically confirmed to be eliminating static electricity. This static electricity is created when you style your hair. The in-built ion producer will emit more negative ions, which will eradicate frizz. This will retain your hair’s moisture & maintain its natural health.

Adjustable speed and heat setting

This product has multiple speed and heat settings, which are easily varied to suit one’s needs. Different speed settings will be determined by the different hairstyles needed. The heat settings will also determine how fast your hair will be dried.


The product comes with two concentrators, which are of different opening sizes. The thin concentrator helps in attaining the exact hairstyle by directing the air to a specific point.

Safe & sturdy design

This dryer is fitted with the best quality flame-retardant layer with a double insulated-protection. It comes with long-lasting heating elements and a heat thermostat. This will enable you to utilize the dryer safely and for longer durations.

Power cord

This product has thick and safe cords. This will ensure quality and safety. The cable is also well insulated to prevent any injury.

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What Do We like

Removable air filter

The hairdryer has a detachable air filter that allows you to carry out safe and comfortable cleaning. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your product will increase its efficiency and lifetime.

Easy to use

This product is simple to use. Its buttons are clearly labeled, and they are easily pressed. A user guide is added to the package in case of any hardship.

Cold air function

Hana Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryers has a cool air button. When activated, it gives out a mass of cold air, which will cool your hair to give the best styling experience.

Storage loop

The dryer has a storage hook making it easy to hang the device in a convenient place.

Silent operation

With the powerful motor, you will experience a noiseless operation hence comfortable when working with the product

What We Don’t Like

When used for long, it emits a plastic smell


Hana Skin Plus Professional Hair Dryer is a powerful product that is lightweight that operates silently. The product is well made with strong materials. With ion technology, your hair will be shiny and healthy. Its cost is budget-friendly. Above all, this product is simple to use.

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