Lifelong LLPCW24 Hair Dryer Review

The lifelong company manufactures a wide range of products for use in different areas i.e., fitness, home, grooming & lifestyle. The lifelong brand makes the best quality products that are simple to use. 

Lifelong brand manufactured the lifelong LLPCW24 hairdryer. This product is available in black color with a unique and compact design. Furthermore, this product is made strong to serve you for long.

Main features




This dryer has a power rating of 1000 Watts. This will create the best air-flow for gentle & fast drying. This product doesn’t consume a lot of power; hence you shouldn’t be worried about the electric bill.


Heat setting


This dryer is also fitted with a two heat setting, which includes hot and warm settings. This will provide you with the suitable temperature choices appropriate for one’s hair. The hot air-blow is best for drying your hair very fast, which cool air-blow is best for hair styling.


Power cord with a cord guard


This product has a power cable that is strongly made and well insulated to prevent electric shock and has a cable guard that will protect your cable from breaking at the linking point. The cable measures 1.8 meters; hence it’s long enough to give you ample space for operation. 




Thermo protector


This dryer is also fitted with a Thermo protector, which will enable even heat distribution to your hair. This will prevent hair damage. It also gives one’s hair the best conditioning for shiny, soft & frizz-free hair.


Large air inlet


This product has a bigger wind inlet, which will reduce air-swirl for quiet & efficient drying.


Compact design


This product has a compact design that allows it to be stored in small places. The compact design makes it fit into one’s handbag.



Hanging hook


The lifelong LLPCW24 hair dryer has a rubberized hanging hook, which makes it simple for one to store it in a convenient place when at home, salon, or any other place.




The product has a weight of about 400 grams, which makes it lightweight. You will be able to operate with the product for long without fatigue.


Foldable handle


This dryer is also fitted with a foldable handle, which is folded after use for easier storage.




This product comes with a one year warranty which is given by the manufacturer from the date of buying.




The product comes with a detachable concentrator, which will allow you to focus the air to a specific point for the best results.


Removable end cap


The product has a removable end-cap that will allow you to remove dirt. This will reduce the overheating of the product allowing you to operate it efficiently.


  • Not best for dense hair.


The lifelong LLPCW24 hair dryer has a compact design with a foldable handle, making it simple to store and carry. It is lightweight, and it comes with a warrant of one year. With a narrow concentrator, you will be able to focus the air to the desired place.


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