Himalaya Protein Hair Cream Review

Himalaya Herbals has introduced the Himalaya protein hair cream that has all the goodness of natural ingredients that gives complete nourishment to the hair from roots to shaft. Its blend of naturally derived ingredients strengthens the hair and promotes its growth. Here we have shared a detailed Himalaya hair protein cream review.

How to use

  • Massage this protein hair cream gently on the scalp using circular motions before and after shampooing.
  • The cream works best on dry, lifeless and damaged hair.
  • It can be also used on colored or permed hair.

Treats hair and scalp

Amla in this hair cream is a well-known hair tonic in Ayurveda that is effective in managing hair and scalp to keep it safe from infections.

Nourishes hair

Chickpea is a natural source of proteins that nourishes hair follicles and keeps them strong and healthy.

Made with natural ingredients

The cream is made from Wheat Germ, Chickpea, Thistles, Indian Gooseberry, etc that provide essential nutrients to the hair.

Keeps hair soft and shiny

This cream moisturizes dry hair strands and adds shine to make them soft and shiny.

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What Do We like

Tames frizz

The cream reduces frizz when used before shampooing and makes hair more manageable.

Smells amazing

The cream has a soothing fragrance.


The hair cream is long-lasting since a little product is enough for application.

What We Don’t Like

Oily texture

The cream has an oily texture.


The Himalaya protein hair cream is free from any type of chemicals. Its natural ingredients give complete nourishment to your hair that not only stops hair fall but also promotes its growth. The cream is very easy to use and gets washed off easily. It increases the moisture content of hair strands and tames frizz and dryness thus improving hair texture. The price of this product is affordable for the quantity offered. Therefore, this product is strongly recommended by us.

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