Remington MB050 Durablade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver Review

Shaving is one way of providing confidence to yourself because you will look much better. You can only achieve that by having an efficient electric shaver that you can use regularly. With regard to that, Remington is probably one of the best choices of a brand that you can go for. They have one of the most reliable shavers in the market right now.

Having said so, we would like to introduce to you the Remington MB050 Dura blade. It is really versatile and has high precision in terms of shaving. This particular shaver will leave your skin smooth that is desirable to feel and look at. But before you decide to buy this shaver let us discuss more of its features.

TST Blades

These premium blades are an assurance that it will not deteriorate easily because they are known for superb durability.

Hybrid Shaving

It allows you to create a close-shave look even if it is not really too close preventing your skin from any irritations.

Variations of Combs

The package includes four stubble comb such as 6 mm for the start of a beard, 4 mm for a cleaner look, 2 mm for stubble, and 1 mm for a clean-shave look.

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What Do We like

Highly Portable

It has an extremely portable size which makes it perfect for people that are on the go so that they can bring it anywhere they wanted.

Quiet Motor

It has a silent motor that will let you use it without hearing any annoying sounds for a more desirable feeling.

Great Design

This shaver will add some elegance and ease to the person who will be using it due to its magnificent and user-friendly design. Aside from that, its slim body will allow you to grip it much easier resulting in a more comfortable use of the shaver.

What We Don’t Like

No negative points were observed so far


You already know that you will experience the benefits of TST Blades, Hybrid Shaving, Variations of Combs, and many more. That is why we suggest that you purchase it as it will surely take your shaving sessions to the next level and that is guaranteed!

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