Panasonic ES-LA93-K Men’s Wet/Dry Electric Shaver Review

Shaving is a part of our grooming routine and we must ensure that it is well done at all times. One way of achieving it is by having a reliable shaver that you can use.If you are in search of a reliable shaver, Panasonic ES-LA93-K Men’s 4-Blade is probably a great choice. As Panasonic, which is a highly reputed brand in electronics making your purchase worth the money.

This particular electric shaver will certainly offer a great value for your money. It is equipped with the finest features that you can enjoy while grooming yourself.

Hyper Performance Dual Motor

It allows each of the blades to have at least 14,000 cuts per minute.

Nanotech Blades

This ensures that the blades last for a maximum period of time without fast deterioration.


This will allow you to use the shaver without any need to plug it to the electrical outlet from time to time.

10-Stage LCD

It allows you to view the current razor status, cleaning and charging indicator as well as blade replacement reminders.

Sonic Vibration Auto Cleansing Mode

It will allow you to easily clean the shaver with very little effort.

Pop-Up Trimmer

This is integrated to the shaver to give you the ability to detail your mustaches and sideburns without any hassles.

Panasonic Arc4 Razor

Provides efficient shaving to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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What Do We like

Power Efficient

It only consumes 3.6 volts of electricity and you will surely save a lot of money on your electricity bills, even if you use it regularly.


The blades of this electric shaver are sharp enough and at the same time gentle to the skin. It promotes better shaving results that will make you look better.


This electric shaver is light in terms of weight rest assured that it will not give you a hard time while using it.

Great Design

This device sports a very trendy design.

Highly Durable

The high-quality materials used makes this electric shaver last for a really long time.

Easy to Use

This is a very user-friendly device.

What We Don’t Like

The price is pretty steep.


This electric shaver has a number of useful features that will allow you to have great personal grooming experience. Some of its features include hyper performance dual motor, nanotech blades, rechargeable batteries, 10-stage LCD, sonic vibration auto cleansing mode, pop-up trimmer, and the Panasonic Arc4 Razor. All these features make this device an excellent choice.

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