Tecnora Caffe Gusto TCM 109M Espresso Coffee Machine Review

Tecnora produces coffee machines that replicate café experience at home. This coffee machine comes with a 15 bar Italian pump for full flavor extraction. It comes with an 850-watt precision boiler for accurate temperature control. The machine comes with features such as stainless steel froth assist Panarello, front panel control, and cup warmer plate. It also has a single and double espresso pressurized portafilter basket.

Portafilter basket

This coffee machine comes with single and double portafilter baskets. These filters ensure the shot is adequately placed inside the cups. The filter also ensures perfect pressure is used to the coffee grounds for producing the desired flavor and aroma.

Stainless steel Panarello

The machine comes with a powerful 850 watt Thermo block that produces a steady gush of steam to froth the milk in your cappuccino.

Power button feature

The machine comes with a power on/off feature. The switch lets you press to turn on and also press to turn it off. The machine can also go off automatically if it’s not manually switched off.

Temperature switch

This feature helps to manage the water temperature of the coffee machine. You can toggle between temperature for making espresso or choosing higher temperatures to develop steam for milk frothing.

Pump control switch

This machine comes with a pump control switch to activate the pump for producing the desired espresso and to turn off when the desired quantity needed is achieved.

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What Do We like

Powerful pressure bar

The machine comes with a pressure of 15 bars. It comes with a special espresso technology pump and produces an excellent quality coffee whenever the machine is turned on for use.

Easy to clean

The coffee machine is easy to clean. The inner part of the coffee can be cleaned easily without hassle, and the machine doesn’t get stained quickly. You can use a soft cloth to clean the body making it clean, fresh, and shining.  It has a sturdy and excellent design which is different from most coffee machines. A soft cloth can be used to clean the body making it ever shining and clean.

Easy to use

This machine is simple to use and it makes your desired coffee without any hassle.

What We Don’t Like

Portafilter is small

The machine double portafilter could have been a bit larger to accommodate more powder.


The coffee is easy to use and clean. The machine is good and the customer service is excellent. They respond pretty much on time to every request they get.


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