LuvLap Baby Stroller Review

LuvLap is a baby care and parenting brand, offering a large variety of products across all categories, including skin and oral care, infant utility accessories, travel, nursery, toys, and maternity.

The Baby Pram is ideal for babies as it caters to the growing needs of the baby. The wheels allow one to maneuver the stroller around with ease. Hence, it is a comfortable and convenient option.

Multi-position seat recline

The baby stroller can easily bend. It comes with a unique multi-position seat recline for sitting, reclining and sleeping. It can also be easily adjusted with one hand as per the baby’s convenience, even with the baby in the seat.

3 point safety harness

The adjustable 3 point safety harness ensures baby’s safety when no one is around. The straps of the harness are wide and padded, ensuring the comfort and safety of the baby at all times.

Reversible handlebar and cushioned seat

The seat is soft and padded, and the handlebars have a soft rubber grip, which is reversible for both front-facing and backward-facing stroll. The stroller is a perfect combination of comfort and safety.

Rear wheels with brakes

Rear wheels of the stroller come with brakes to exercise immediate control. One needs to push the lever down to lock or park the stroller using foot-action brakes.

Large storage basket

The storage basket stores the baby’s diaper bag, clothes, and other essential items on the go. It also increases the center of gravity of the stroller to maintain stability. Also, the pockets can be used to store other essentials.

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What Do We like

Attachable mosquito net 

The stroller comes with a detachable mosquito net that covers the front part. It keeps the baby safe from mosquitoes and insects during the rainy season.

Extended double canopy

The extended double canopy protects the baby from harmful UV rays of the sun and wind. The stroller comes with a peep-in window so that parents can keep a watch on their baby.


The reversible handlebars, adjustable footrest, the rear wheels with brakes, and the 3 step recline feature provides convenience to the baby and the parents.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality wheels

The wheels of the stroller are of poor quality. The wheel lock does not function properly. The wheels drop each time the stroller is lifted.


The stroller is packed with safety features, which include a 3-point safety harness. It provides excellent comfort to the baby and parents. Also, it is available at a very reasonable price. Hence, the baby stroller is a reliable option from a trusted brand.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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