Chicco Echo Stroller W/Bumper Bar Mr, Blue Review

The purpose of baby strollers is to keep the baby safe and comfortable when parents are not around. Carrying babies for long hours can be a tedious task. Baby strollers not only provide comfort to the baby but also to parents.

Chicco is a well known and trusted brand when it comes to nursery products and baby items. The Chicco Echo Baby Stroller is a perfect combination of style and safety. It comes with a bumper bar and is ideal for babies of all age groups, weighing up to 22 kg.

5 point safety harness

The stroller comes with a nicely padded 5-point safety harness. The straps of which are wide and adjustable to ensure the safety of the baby at all times. They prevent the baby from falling off the stroller.

Attachable rain cover

The strollers have rain covers that are used during rainy seasons to keep the baby safe from unpredictable rain. The attachable rain cover covers the front part of the stroller.

Soft handlebar

The handlebars of the stroller have a soft rubber grip that absorbs sweat and offers a firm grip so that it can be maneuvered with ease using one hand.

Brake on wheels

The stroller comes with four pairs of double-wheels that facilitate the distribution of the load evenly and keeps the stroller stable. The one-tap linked brakes on rear wheels play an important role when one has to exercise immediate control.

Four-position seat recline

The baby stroller comes with a unique four-position seat recline for sitting, reclining, and sleeping baby. It can be easily adjusted with one hand as per the baby’s convenience. The reclining backrest has been designed to provide ultimate comfort to the baby while he is sitting up or sleeping.

Adjustable canopy hood to sun hood

The stroller comes with an adjustable canopy that can be transformed into a sun hood. It has a window to peep through so that parents can keep a constant check on newborn babies at all times.

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What Do We like


The lightweight stroller has been ergonomically designed. The umbrella folding mechanism ensures compact storage. Hence, it can easily fit into car trunks and is conveniently portable as it comes with a carry handle.


The stroller has high safety standards to ensure the baby is safe at all times. It comes with a rain cover to protect the baby against rain and heavy showers. The 5 point harness keeps independent toddlers safe. Also, the four pairs of double-wheels give stability to the stroller.


The structure is sturdy and has high resistance as it is made of steel and metal tubes. It can take weight up to 22 kg easily.

What We Don’t Like

Faulty mechanism

The fold and unfold mechanism is not smooth and involves a lot of hassle. At times of emergency, the stroller does not open once folded.


The stroller is ultra-compact. It can be umbrella folded. Hence, it does not take up much storage space. It comes with four recline positions and 5 point safety harness to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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