Chicco NaturalFit Digital Bottle Warmer Review

Parents of infants are always worried about their health and try to find the best possible means to protect their kids from infections and diseases.

Chicco is the most trusted brand when it comes to nursery products and baby accessories. The Chicco digital bottle warmer is in high demand these days. It utilizes effective steam heating to kill germs and bacteria, keeping your baby safe from diseases.

Automatic shutdown

The inbuilt timer automatically shuts down the sterilizer in case the water level is deficient for providing safety. It ensures the optimum usage of electricity and prevents the bottles from overheating.

Effective steam heating

Effective steam heating kills bacteria or any contamination in the bottle without the use of chemicals, which can affect the baby. It helps keep the baby safe from diseases.

Digital  display

Once the milk and the food are ready after being warmed up or defrosted, it is reflected on the digital countdown display. One need not keep a constant track of time.

Timer delay

The bottle warmer comes with a uniquely designed optional timer delay, which gets the baby’s food ready when required.

Multiple programming options

The sterilizer is versatile. It can sterilize and defrost baby milk and food. All one needs to do is select a bottle and a suitable starting temperature like freezer/ refrigerator/ room for efficient and customized warming.

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What Do We like

Chemical-free sterilization

Many harmful industrial chemicals like BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics or hard plastics. It is dangerous to the human body as it can cause hormonal imbalance. The sterilizer ensures chemical-free sterilization that has been uniquely designed, keeping the health and safety aspects of the child in mind. It is free of harmful chemicals, which cause serious health diseases and is trusted by parents.


The automatic safety shut down prevents food from overheating, saves energy, and informs once sterilization is complete or if there is water deficiency in the bottle. The sterilizer has been uniquely designed, keeping the health and safety aspects of the child in mind. Maintaining good health of a child and keeping him away from diseases is the utmost priority of the sterilizer.

Space-Saving Design

The sterilizer has been ergonomically designed, making it is easy to clean and store. It weighs just 726 g and is ultra-compact and portable. This ensures that feeding the baby can be done on the go without any hassle.


The digital warmer preserves the nutrients of breast milk with its multiple warming options. It also safely defrosts milk and food to meet your specific requirements.

What We Don’t Like

Difficult to use

The warmer comes with multiple programming options and numerous power outages. It requires reprogramming often, which is usually challenging to remember and comprehend.


The sterilizer is packed with safety features like an automatic thermostatic control shutdown. The fast steam technology and effective steam heating kill 99% bacteria and allergens that may cause infections to the baby.

The warmer comes with a unique feature, i.e., timer delay, multiple programming options, and digital countdown display. These features relieve one of the hassles of continually checking the clock to see whether the sterilization is complete or not. Hence, it is a safe and reliable product for babies.


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Purba Bhattacharjee

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