IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star IAFS18XA3T3C Split AC Review

IFB has mastered the art of developing home solutions that fulfill your needs. IFB also has a wide service network that spans the length and breadth of India.

They ensure that they take good care of customers and their products. Air conditioners from IFB have always been one of the best.

The product quality that they deliver is amazing. Besides this IFB IAFS18XA3T3C, 1.5 Ton AC has quite some features in it. It is a non-inverter split AC with a 3-star energy rating. It makes no noise whatsoever.


Titan Gold Evaporated Fins

These Titan Gold Evaporated Fins are a self-cleaning system. It keeps your air fresh, cleans out dust, if any. The Titanium Dioxide coating helps keep the air of the Air Conditioner fresh and bacteria/germ-free.

4 Way Cooling

The cool air swings towards four different directions in the room, spreading the cool air properly. The two horizontal air swings and the two vertical swings keep the room temperature always cool.

360 Degree Blower

The Aerodynamic 360-degree blower helps the airflow spread in every direction. So no matter where you are in your room anymore. The room will quickly become cooler than you will expect it to.

High-Speed Fan

Now it does not matter if your room is big or small. The high-speed fan, along with the quick cooling system, will cool your room temperature in no time.

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What Do We like

Copper Piping

We all know the fact that copper is an element that increases any machinery longevity and efficiency. In this air conditioner, the piping is made of copper. It is an excellent conductor of electricity and can absorb a lot of heat too.

HD Compressor

The Heavy Duty Compressor is very powerful and durable. It is engineered in a way to enable faster cooling inside the room. Even if the temperature outside is 52 degrees Celsius, the room temperature would be cool without any issues.


We shouldn’t just drink freshwater but also breathe fresh air too. This IFB Air conditioner has a 6 stage filtration system in it. The air you breathe goes by – vitamin enriching filter, activated carbon filter, dust filter, nano filter, anti-bacterial filter, catechin filter.

Environment Free

Every one of us needs to take a step to save our environment. IFB has done its part. Made AC, which will not harm our environment.  This Environmental friendly Air conditioner does not harm our ozone layer whatsoever.

What We Don’t Like

There were no major or minor cons were found.


This Air Conditioner from IFB is a pretty decent product to use. It allows you to breathe fresh air. Cools the room very quickly even when it’s scorching heat outside.

The Heavy-duty compressor is very powerful, and most of all, this is an environment-friendly air conditioner. At this budget, this is a decent buy.

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Koushik Mondal

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