Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter GSC 18 AMINV 3 RWQM Split AC Review

Godrej is a leading brand in the world that mainly manufactures consumer goods, home appliances, chemicals, construction, electronics, furniture, etc. this Godrej air conditioner is user-friendly and provides comfort to the user.

The three-star inverter energy efficient rating implies that the air conditioner would use less power. The condenser of the air conditioner is made up of 100 percent copper material. The capacity of the air conditioner is 1.5, which means that these air conditioners are suitable for medium-sized rooms.

Copper Condenser & Pipe

The air conditioner consists of the 100% copper condenser and connecting pipe, which helps in heat transfer inside the tube using rifling. This would be impossible in the aluminum tubes.

Catechin Filter

The air conditioner consists of a catechin filter having anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties, which helps in deodorization. It prevents the growth of bacteria. Hence, it provides fresh air and protects the user from respiratory diseases.

Auto Mode

The air conditioner consists of the automatic temperature setting technology. Once the auto mode is activated, it judges the difference in the ambient temperature and sets the temperature accordingly.

In this mode, for the first two hours, temperature increases by 1 degree Celsius per hour. The sleep mode facility of the air conditioner helps in reducing energy consumption.

Dry Mode

The air conditioner works as a dehumidifier in this mode, which relieves the user from excess humidity in the room.

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What Do We like

Moderate Cooling

The inverter compressor technology of the air conditioner ensures that the perfect cooling in the room at the temperature which is set by the user.


The air conditioner has a capacity of the 1.5 ton, which means that the air conditioner is ideally suited for medium-sized rooms. It is ideal for smaller families.

Turbo Mode

In this mode of the air conditioner, it gives instant cooling.

Compressor Warranty

The compressor of the air conditioner has a warranty period of 7 years.

What We Don’t Like

Cooling Issue

The cooling of the air conditioner is not as effective as it claims.


The Godrej air conditioner is one of the best choices of the user as they are user-friendly and environment-friendly. The air conditioner consists of the sleep mode, an auto mode which helps in setting the temperature according to the weather demands. It also has a turbo mode, which ensures instant cooling.

The condenser of the air conditioner is made up of the copper material, which provides the heat transfer. The air conditioner has the anti-bacterial filter, which helps in preventing the growth of the bacteria and from various respiratory diseases. It is a 1.5 ton AC, which is enough for medium-sized rooms and offices.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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