Samsung 24 inches HD Ready LED TV 24J4100 Review

The Samsung UA24J4100AR is a 24 inch LED TV that features an HD ready display with a resolution of 760 p so that you get to watch content with incredible picture quality. The image you watch is clear and brightly colored for your comfortable and lifelike visual experience. This is teamed with powerful audio produced with its channel speakers that are powered by a Dolby Digital technology.

The Samsung 24 inch led tv also comes with features to enhance the cinematic and stadium-like visual experience for a more realistic field. It also comes with protection against lightning, moisture, and fluctuation in current to prevent any damage. Thus, it is a durable option that offers a brand warranty from Samsung.

Samsung led tv comes with many other features that help you re-live and re-watch your memories. We will now explain the details of this TV in particular.

Features of Samsung 24 inches HD Ready LED TV 24J4100

24” HD Ready Display

This model comes with a 24” LED screen featuring an HD Ready display. It ensures a high-resolution picture quality of 1366 x 768 p that is enhanced with bright and vivid colors. The colors and clarity bring about the details of the image so that you can enjoy watching content with an incredible visual experience.

Screen Capture

The feature enables you to take screenshots of the content you are watching with just the press of a button. These screenshots are then stored in the external storage device that is connected to the TV so that you can re-live your favorite memories by watching them whenever you want.

Sound Capture

The feature enables you to record high-quality audio be it any of your favorite tracks, commentary or movies dialogues by merely pressing a button on the remote. This recording can be stored in the external storage device for you to listen to at any time as per your preference.

Replay Your Stories

You can capture your favorite movies scenes or audio by pressing a button and then store the captured recording in your external storage device. This can then be watched to re-live the moments at any preferred time.

Cinema Mode

This mode ensures the cinematic visual experience while watching movies. It enhances the audio and picture quality with bright, vibrant colors and clarity so that you get a stunning visual experience at the comfort of your home. This feature also allows you to optimize the screen size as per your requirement for a better feel of being at the movies.

Cricket Mode

The cricket mode should be turned on during a sports match as it adjusts the audio and improves the picture quality with enhanced details. It ensures that the sound produces an immersive surround feel so that you get the true stadium like experience. The mode also freezes the screen during a live match whenever needed and also zooms in the screen so that you never miss out on any detail of the match.

Let us look into the specifications of the model:

Screen Size24 Inches
DisplayLED, HD Ready, Wide Color Enhancer
Resolution1366 x 768 Pixels
Refresh Rate100 hertz
Audio2.0 Channel Speakers, 10 Watt, Dolby Digital Plus
Additional FeaturesCricket Mode, Cinema Mode, Screen Capture, Sound Capture, Story Replay
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 2 USB
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Triple Protection Guarantee- The model comes with an additional 1-year warranty against the three conditions namely, lightning, moisture, and electrical fluctuations. The block capacitors of the TV protect it against lightning and prevents damage during electrical changes up to 750 V. It also has a silica gel coating in the chipsets and an anti-humidity glue to shield it against moisture. Thus, it ensures the best durability.
  • Subscribe to Netflix with Its Built-In Support- The built-in support makes the TV compatible with Netflix the most popular entertainment based applications. You can easily access Netflix and subscribe to it to watch a wide number of entertainment-based content in HD picture quality. Thus, you get more entertainment to enjoy.
  • Entertainment Hub In Your Living Room- The TV comes with connectivity ports for connecting them to various external devices which offer a wide range of entertainment contents. You can watch any movie, video or images on your TV in the comfort of your living room. Thus, it converts your living room into an entertainment center.
  • Vibrantly Colored Image- The wide color enhancer technology highlights the colors of the image to enhance its vibrancy and brightness. The colors bring out the details of the image so that you get a clear HD picture quality that gives you a pleasant and realistic viewing experience while watching content.

What We Don’t Like

  • Sound Quality- Users have mentioned that the quality of sound is not up to the mark as compared to the other LED TV models. You need to connect it to an external home theatre system for enhanced sound.


This TV is a great deal to consider if you are in search of a 24 inch LED TV with HD Ready display that is enhanced with a wide color enhancer technology. It comes with features that help you capture moments and re-live them at any time. Moreover, it ensures the best cinematic and stadium-like experience.

Anaida Sutherland

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