Whirlpool 93Ltr 2 Star Mini Refrigerator (115 W-ATOM PRM 2S) Review

Mini refrigerators are a necessity you cannot ignore. They are small, compact and can do everything and much more than your regular fridges. Hence Whirlpool brings you their latest edition of Mini refrigerators.

Whirlpool is a renowned brand that makes good quality home appliances that are known to satisfy its vast consumer base ever since they started marketing their excellent products.

The Whirlpool 93L 2 Star Mini Refrigerator is one of them. It has impressive features that set a bar high for other mini-refrigerators to reach. It is easy to use, energy conservant, and trustable product with some significant characteristics.

Capacity and electricity

The Mini Refrigerator has a whooping capacity of 93 liters. It requires 215 kilowatts per hour electric consumption with 230 volts. It has stabilizer free operations between 160V – 300V, and for more savings, it has a Star Rating of 2S.   

Seven adjustable modes               

Irrespective of the temperature outside, the Whirlpool 115 W-ATOM PRM  Mini Refrigerator is equipped for it all. It has seven flexible methods that balance the perfect temperature the required cooling needs throughout the year.

Great storage

This refrigerator is perfect for a party. It can store 53 (300 ml) cans at a time. It can stack up 30 (500 ml) bottles together and 178 (200 ml) tetra packs together. It will always have extra storage space for all your favorite snacks plus it comes with accessible, spacious door racks for sauces & spreads and cold drinks.

Inbuilt stabilizer

The inbuilt stabilizer saves a lot of money and reduces maintenance. It reduces the need for extra stabilizers. The vital components of Refrigerator are protected from power fluctuations.

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What Do We like

Adjustable shelves

Storing those unexpectedly tall bottles and containers have now become more comfortable with the whirlpool Mini Refrigerator. You can easily adjust the racks without hassles and enjoy the experience of comfortable cooling.

Multi airflow

Multi airflow of the device ensures fresh air into different sections of the refrigerator. This provides uniform cooling for long-lasting freshness.

Accessible ice-tray available

Need quick ice? No worries, the Whirlpool 115 W-ATOM PRM  Mini Refrigerator has got it covered too. Even though it is a compact device, it has a quick cooling freezer that dispenses ice within no time.

What We Don’t Like

No vegetable tray

The compartments of the mini-fridge are large enough. However, it is not provided with a vegetable tray at the bottom of the fridge.

No egg tray

Storing an egg can be quite a task because this minifridge doesn’t have an egg tray.


Whirlpool 115 W-ATOM PRM  Mini Refrigerator is an excellent pick for a small scale use or a party fridge. It has a good enough capacity at a low cost and has many great features that make it an ideal pick for a mini-refrigerator. It is indefinitely a product for the value.

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Hetavi Rudani

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