BPL Refrigerators

BPL (British Physical Laboratories) is an Indian company founded in 1963 to manufacture panel meters for the defense forces. From 1982, the company started manufacturing other product ranges, which included home appliances.

BPL offers many types of refrigerators to choose from. Before you make an investment, ensure to follow the important points to ensure an informed purchase.

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BPL refrigerators Features:

Quick Freeze

This technology is found in the frost-free side by side refrigerators. It helps make ice cubes faster and comes in handy when you need ice urgently. The fridge also has an auto defrost technology that allows clear ice built-up automatically making it easier to clean the freezer 

LED Touch Buttons

With this technology, you can set the temperatures of your fridge at the touch of a button.

Quick Cool

This technology helps you cool your food faster, ensuring that the food stays fresh for a longer period.

Multi Air Flow

The new model of BPL fridges has a multi airflow system that helps to keep the temperature of each shelf uniform. The shelves are fitted with unique vents that keep the air cool on all the shelves. The food stored, therefore, stays fresh no matter how many times you open your fridge.

Silent Technology

The frost-free side by side refrigerators functions silently, which means that you can even keep the fridge in your bedroom or office and enjoy the silence as you work or sleep.

Water Dispenser

The water dispenser is found outside the fridge, thereby enabling you to enjoy a glass of cold water without having to open the refrigerator. This saves on energy.

Pull out drawers

BPL refrigerators have pulled out drawers, ensuring that you have adequate storage space. You also have easy access to the food that you store at the back of the shelves easily.

Transparent vegetable crisper

This is found in the double door refrigerator. The crisper is also humid enough to ensure that your vegetables stay fresh for longer.


Most Indian families are large and would want to have a side by side refrigerator that can accommodate a big family. Most of the brands that have this side by side refrigerators are expensive. BPL offers one of the most affordable side-by-side refrigerators that can be used by a family of up to six people. 

The side by side refrigerator by BPL is almost the same price as a double door fridge from the other brands. This is one of the most significant selling points for BPL.


A refrigerator is a necessity in every kitchen. The fridge saves you time that you would have wasted shopping every day and also ensures you have fresh food every day, thereby saving you money. A refrigerator should, therefore, be affordable regardless of the size.

BPL refrigerators are affordable to an Indian with a large family and therefore come highly recommended.