AE Designs Rocking Recliner Chair Review

Looking for a cool and comfy cushion to snuggle in while you read a Nicholas spark’s romantic novel in one hand and a coffee in another to help you stay awake?

Grab yourself the AE rocking recliner chair that comes in an olive-brown unique color, to make your furniture stand out, it has a size of ( 1.22 meters x 63.5 Centimetres x 76.2 Centimetres) its also not on the heavy side, as it comes with a weight of less than 40kg and an adjustable reclining position to relax your aching back and leg

Upholstery material

The AE rocking recliner chair is covered with olive-brown fabric cloth design to give a modern  contemporary look; the fabric cloth is a lot softer than leather making it soothing to the skin as it does not scratch the body

Reclining position

It has a 183-degree reclining position, which will almost leave you flat on your back, this position is designed to add more comfort, and to reduce back pain

Good for Health

The recliner chair is perfect for patients suffering from back pain, those recovering from surgery and the elderly  who can not move very often, but require a good sitting position to rest their back and feet

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What Do We like

Design and ergonomics

No doubt the AE rocking recliner chair is designed for those with back pain and neck pain in mind, as some users have reported being advised to get this same recliner by their physician due to its lumbar support, also tall people that are up to six feet tall can as well comfortable relax on the chair


The AE rocking recliner chair has a six months warranty period that covers all manufacturers defects; most manufacturers do not offer such a long period at this same price range


The recliner chair does not come pre-assembled, but it comes with a manual that contains instructions on how to set it up, which the manufacturers claim it can be done under ten minutes even for a newbie. As stated by the manufacturer no tools are needed for the assembly, as parts need only to be attached and detach

What We Don’t Like

Manual operation

A manually operated recliner can pose a lot of problems for the elderly and sick since their body is not strong enough to operate the AE rocking recliner chair into their best suitable position.


The upholstery material used to cover the recliner chair is fabric cloth, which is not as strong as leather and easily gets torn if much force is applied to it. Therefore special care needs to be added in maintaining the recliner chair


The AE rocking recliner chair is affordable at its price range, its contemporary design and color will bring out the life in your living room, don’t also forget it offers maximum comfort and relaxation to users especially those who have back pain.

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