Urban Ladder Recliners

Urban Ladder brand is a décor and furniture retailer in Bangalore, India. Currently, the brand has three retail stores and distributes its furniture and recliners in over seventy-five cities in India through its website.  The company was established in July 2012 by Rajiv Srivasta and Ashish Goel. 

The Urban Ladder brand is a design-driven company that provides a wide variety of home décor and furniture; they have over five thousand designs in over thirty-five categories such as study, décor, bedroom, dining, and living. 

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Why Choose Urban Ladder For Your Recliners?

The Urban Ladder brand values are several, which make the company stand out and they include:

  • Customer Obsession

The Urban Ladder’s core value is their customer obsession; customers always come first in everything that they do. The brand ensures that they offer excellent and effective solutions to clients in every initiative. 

The brand establishes long-term relationships with all its clients and aims at delighting them in all interactions. The Urban Ladder Company has managed to set a benchmark in providing products that result in customer satisfaction.

  • Transparency & Honesty

Urban Ladder is a trustworthy, ethical, and honest brand; it upholds high corporate governance standards in all its activities. 

The brand communicates transparently with all the stakeholders. When the company makes, they are upfront and honest and own up and correct the same.

  • Stepping-Up

Urban Ladder takes charge by going extra miles and thinking differently in coming up with innovative solutions. Whenever in doubt, the company pushes itself harder to get better solutions by using more innovative methods and seeking expert advice.

  • Action Orientation

The Urban Ladder brand is biased for action. The brand empowers its teams to make well informed and fast decisions. They continuously learn and make better decisions from any mistakes. 

  • Efficiency

Urban Ladder Company’s other value aims at building sustainable businesses. The brand aims at focusing more on zero wastage. They have the belief that self-sustaining businesses will be capable of solving customer problems appropriately. 

Key Features/Technologies of Urban Ladder Recliners

  • Heating Systems

Urban Ladder recliners come with heating systems, which is a common feature in advanced and modern recliners. These features are inbuilt and are purely dependent on the users’ choices. Heating while in the recliner sofas and chairs boosts the metabolism and increases blood circulation.

  • Zero Gravity Features

Recliners from Urban Ladder come with zero gravity features which give users a feeling of weightlessness; this allows the body to press firmly against the recliners, allowing them to offer deeper massages.

 Recliners with zero gravity features raise your feet above your heart, which relieves stress from the body instantaneously.

  • 3D Body Scanning Features

Urban Ladder recliners come with the 3D body scanning features; these features make adjustments of the person sitting in the recliners. They then align the pressure points according to the width of the massage chair and the rollers’ position. You can always choose the manual adjustments if these prove to be complicated.

  • Music

Music is mostly played via Bluetooth in recliners from Urban Ladder. Music enables users to become more relaxed and enjoy their time while using recliners. Some of their recliners will come with USB and Blue tooth connections.

  • Remote Control  Features

Another modern feature of recliners from Urban Ladder is the remote control. It’s a smart feature where users can use the type of massage they prefer and the required duration via smart remote access. Remote controls work best for recliners that are used for personal use, and they don’t cost extra.

  • Swiveling Features

Recliners from the Urban Ladder brand come with swiveling features; these features enhance relaxation excellently. These features allow users to turn their recliners to whichever the direction that they wish. 


The Urban Ladder brand was founded solely with the main aim of making homes beautiful. Users want their homes to look distinctively different and unique; this is why you are assured of getting expressive, imaginative, and creative recliners from the brand. 

All their pieces are bound to transform your rooms into beautiful spaces.