Philips Ionic HP 8232 Hair Dryer Review

Philips Company helps in improving people’s life by making it simple every day. Philips manufactures a variety of appliances, which include home appliances, health appliances, beauty devices, and many others. Philips 8232 Hair Dryer is among Philips products on beauty appliances.

With the best looking hair, you will be attractive to people. To help you with fast-drying, the product is fitted with multiple speed & temperature settings, which will allow you to set your hair depending on what you require. To have a better understanding below is a piece of detailed information.

ThermoProtect Ionic settings

This product has a thermal protection setting, which gives you the best drying temperature setting, which depends on your hair conditions. Setting the required temperature will also prevent you from overheating your hair, which will avoid damaging. In this way, you will get the best outcomes in a caring way.

Well designed

This hair dryer has an ivory color, which gives it a clean look. It is also easy to wipe the dirt with a cloth.


This product is a power corded. The cord is long enough to give you convenience when moving around & work with it. Its cord measures 1.8 meters.

Ergonomic design handle

This product has a well-designed handle that is comfortable to use while working with the product.

Removable air-flow filter

Philips 8232 has a detachable air-flow filter, which makes cleaning fast and simple.

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What Do We like

Ionic conditioning

This dryer has an Ionic conditioning feature, which eliminates the static-charges in your hair, making it appear frizz-free. Your hair will become more glossy and shiny. Your hair will look healthier when you use this product.

Cool air setting

Philips 8232 Hair Dryer is fitted with a cool air setting, which gives out a burst of cold air. During styling with this cold air, it assists in drying your hair quickly. It is best when using a hair-gel to set your hair.

Slim nozzle

The drier has a slim nozzle, which makes it best for straightening your hair with the help of a comb.


Philips 8232 Hair Dryer comes with a two-year warranty

Storage hook

The product is fitted with a hook that is used to hang it for easier retrieval.

EHD technology

This product comes with EHD technology, which ensures that heat is evenly distributed with the right amount to prevent destroying one’s tresses.

Best for saloon results

This product forms a powerful-airflow, which makes it deliver the best results. The best outcome with a combination of power & speed makes styling & drying one’s hair quicker & easier.

What We Don’t Like

The product can still make your hair frizzy


Generally, Philips 8232 is a good hairdryer for everyday and general use. The product dries your hair fast. Its high gloss finishing makes the product look attractive. This product is simple to operate. This hair dryer protects your hair, and it gives one a fast-drying experience. With it, your hair should always be beautiful.

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