MamyPoko Pants

MamyPoko is the innovator of India’s 1st pant style diapers. It uses premium Japanese technology that helps in creating a healthy environment for the babies. The diaper pants make sure that the baby stays healthy, happy, and hygienic while growing.

The main aim of Mamy Poko diapers is to help mothers in making the right decision by providing world-class diapers. It offers high-quality products with advanced features and techniques that enhance the joy of child-raising. 

The company runs various tests while selecting the raw materials of premium quality. Before selling, they do a strict quality check so that there is no defect in the product. They produce diapers based on the child’s age and weight. Here we will look at the different types along with the features of baby diapers.

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Types of baby diapers

Mamypoko pants are customized based on the child’s development. The features of diapers change according to the stage of development and growth of the baby. Let’s look at the different baby diapers, and you can choose the one that is best suitable for your baby.

Special diapers for preemies

A premature baby needs special care. Most of the time, doctors and parents adjust the traditional diaper, which is big for babies, and it leaves marks on their sensitive skin and makes the baby uncomfortable.

Mamy Poko Pants are the 1st to introduce special diapers for preemies. The diapers are designed using soft materials and are of the most appropriate size according to medically defined premature babies ‘ weight. They are stretchable with air silky sheets that are gentle on the baby’s skin and are comfortable that fits appropriately without over-tightening.

For newborns

Mamy Poko pants have introduced first pant style diapers for newborns. They have a naval care shape and come in fun Poko chan design. It has a crisscross absorbent sheet and fits comfortably on the baby’s bum.

Standard baby diaper pants

These standard baby diaper pants come in various sizes. It has an absorbent capacity of around 10 hours and can absorb up to 6 glasses of urine. Also, they are very affordable and comfortable.

Air fit diapers

These are the comfiest diapers as it comes with air vents and breathable fabrics. It also has a wetness indicator so that you know when it is time to change the diaper.

Mamy Poko pants for toddlers

These trainer pants are specially designed for toddlers weighing 18kgs up to 35kgs. If your child is still learning to use the toilet, then these pants can be useful. These diapers are specially made for growing children, and it can soak up to seven glasses and can keep your child dry all night, giving him/her a good night’s sleep.

Features of Mamy Poko pants

  • The pant style diapers are very easy to wear due to its stretchable and ultra-soft waistband, and it helps prevent the marks around the waist area.
  • They are made using an extra soft sheet that prevents red rashes and gives comfort for a long period.
  • The special pants for newborn babies come with a navel care shape. It has a special cut in front to keep the umbilical cord open.
  • All the diapers have a crisscross sheet that absorbs the heavy leakage and keeps the diaper light and your baby dry.
  • The diapers also have tight stretchable support, which prevents the mess from leaking.
  • Due to its pants style, it can be easily worn, and it is gentle on the baby’s skin.
  • All the diapers come with cute Poko chan designs on it.

How to use Mamy Poko pants

How to wear it?

You can easily pull up the diapers, just like regular pants.

How to remove the diaper pants?

You can tear off the sides of the diaper and pull it down.


Mamypoko Pants is a trustable diaper brand that offers products that suit every budget. It is India’s first-ever pant style diaper. They are user friendly and very comfortable for babies. It was awarded as the best diaper of the year in 2017 by a consumer survey of innovative products.

Mamypoko pants are worth giving a try!

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