Avent Philips Microwave Steam Sterilizer Review

Philips Avent is a child care leading brand that mainly manufactures baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby feeding and health accessories. The Philips Avent child care products are served all over the world.

The Philips Avent microwave steam sterilizer has a compact and light-weight design. The sterilizer has the perfect body shape and size and can be carried easily during traveling. The water capacity of the sterilizer is 200 ml. It can operate at a high temperature, making it one of the best choices for keeping products sterilized for a long duration.


Side Grip

The Philips Avent microwave sterilizer comes with side clips for extra safety. The clips have a perfect grip, which helps in closing the lid securely so that the hot water does not escape when the sterilizer is out of the microwave. This clip remains cool so that it can be easily held for carrying purposes.

Sterile for up to 24 Hours

If the microwave sterilizer is left unopen, the content remains sterile for up to 24 hours after being placed in the microwave. This helps in saving time.

Holds 4 Bottles

The Philips microwave sterilizer has a small size. However, four Philips Avent bottles can easily fit in it. The sterilizer allows the user to sterilize a full day’s worth of bottles. This is also suitable for sterilizing the other feeding equipment like 2 Philips Avent breast pumps. It is handy for cleaning sippy cups.

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What Do We like

Natural Steam Sterilization

The Philips microwave sterilizer consists of the natural system sterilization for extra protection. The primary purpose of sterilizing is protecting the baby from harmful milk bacteria until its immune system is strong enough. It has the feature of sterilizing the products similar to the steam sterilization used in hospitals, which is very easy, effective, and time-saving.

BPA Free

It is made up of BPA free material, which keeps it safe from bacteria and other harmful viruses even when the sterilizer is left unopen for a day.

Kill Germs

The sterilizer kills 99.9% of the harmful germs and bacteria from the baby bottles and other products. It keeps your baby safe.

What We Don’t Like

Not Electric

The sterilizer does not have the option of heating through direct electricity supply.


The Philips Avent microwave sterilizer has a compact and classic design. It can operate at high temperatures. Moreover, it is made up of BPA free material, which keeps the equipment safe and long-lasting.

The sterilizer has an extra protection system. It comes with two breast pumps and other feeding material, including the four small bottles having a capacity of 200 ml. The sterilizer is safe and easy to carry while traveling. Hence, it is a suitable option to consider buying.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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