R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite – The Most Portable Baby Stroller Review

Baby Strollers account for the comfort of babies and the ease of the parents. R for Rabbits has led to the manufacture of innovative products, including baby strollers, cribs, prams, and toys.

The R For Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite is the most portable baby stroller and pram for kids. It is safe and easy to assemble. No installation is required. 

This grey colored pram cum stroller has advanced safety measures. It has a lightweight yet sturdy frame that makes it a durable option to consider buying. 



The stroller is EN 1888 certified, which is the most precise certificate defined by the European Standards for the safety of the baby and the toddler.

Ready To Ride

The product can be used anytime due to the one hand fold option. It makes it easy to carry around. The trolley can be moved smoothly, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride for your baby.


The stroller is compact and easy to fold when not in use. You can store or carry it to places when required. The pram is also compatible to use as check-in luggage during air travel.

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What Do We like

Light Weight Steel Frame

The stroller comes with a lightweight steel frame, weighing 6.6 Kg. It is also sturdy and durable.

Front Wheels With Suspension

The baby stroller has an excellent design. The front wheels with suspension make it possible to ride on the Indian Roads and rough terrain.

Line Break And Multi-Position Recline

You can apply breaks such that one can stop it wherever needed with just the clink of the person’s feet. It also ensures a multi-position reclination for the comfort of your baby.

 5 Point Harness

The baby stroller comes with the 5 point safety harness that holds the baby in a proper and safe position while strolling. The harness includes padded and adjustable straps for maximum comfort.

Age group and weight

The stroller can be used for babies aging from 0 to 3 years. It supports a maximum weight of 20 Kg.

What We Don’t Like

Difficult Terrains

The stroller may not survive in the difficult terrains. It is ideal for smooth surfaces.


The baby stroller features a stylish and luxurious look. Also, it contains several advantages that make one’s life easier while traveling with the baby. It also has a manufacturer warranty for a certain period that might help the user cater to the issues he might face with it. Thus, this can be considered a perfect choice for new parents.

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