R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny – The Twin Stroller and Pram Review

Baby Strollers are one of the prime accessories a new parent would require. It offers comfort to your baby while ensuring convenience to parents. R for Rabbit deals with the manufacture of innovative products, including baby strollers, prams, and cribs. The R For Rabbit Ginny And Johnny is a twin stroller and pram. 

This baby stroller is compatible with parents who have twin babies. It allows you to take both babies out for a ride at the same time. The pram is also equipped with safety features that ensure the complete protection of both your babies.


This twin baby stroller is equipped with all the possible safety features that provide the babies with the overall safety during the ride.

Umbrella Fold

The product is designed with an umbrella fold mechanism. It saves space when not in use. You can unfold when you want to use it.

Front Wheels With Suspension

The baby stroller comes with 6-inch front wheels to swivel or lock during long strolling. The suspension ensures a smooth ride in difficult terrains of Indian Roads.

 5 Point Harness

The baby stroller contains the 5 point harness system that holds the baby in the safest possible position. The wide, padded, and adjustable straps keep the baby secure and comfortable.

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What Do We like

4 Position Recline

It comes with a simple mechanism to recline the seat in 4 possible positions to make to ensure comfort at all times.

Age And Weight

The baby stroller can be used for babies in the age group, 0-3 years. It supports a maximum weight of 20 Kg.

Adjustable Leg Rest

It features an adjustable leg rest that can be used for providing the baby with the best and comfortable leg resting position.

UV Canopy and Storage Basket

It has a UV canopy that protects the baby from the harmful rays. Also, it comes with a storage basket that can be used for storing various baby accessories.

What We Don’t Like

Unfoldable Canopy

The folding of the canopy is not possible. One may find it difficult to carry when not in use.


This baby stroller is extremely compatible with all types of terrains. It also meets every possible expectation of the users. It has a particular worry-free warranty period from the manufacturer’s end, making it a reliable option. Hence, this twin baby stroller can be considered as a valuable choice for those looking for a baby stroller.

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Hari Priya

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