Fisher-Price – Hiker Luxury Stroller Cum Pram Review

After working for hours in the office, parents these days have spondylitis, and having to carry a baby on top of that can be very painful. Fisher-Price is a well known and trusted brand when it comes to nursery products and baby items. Hiker stroller by Fisher-Price is a perfect combination of comfort and safety. It is ideal for babies up to 3 years.

Multi-position backrest and footrest recline

What makes the stroller ideal for prolonged sitting or napping hours is its multi-position backrest and foot-rest recline system. It provides comfort and support to the baby.

Padded seat and Soft handlebar

The seats of the stroller are made of breathable fabric. They are soft and cushiony to keep the baby comfortable at all times. Also, the handlebars of the stroller have a soft rubber grip that absorbs sweat and offers a firm grip so that that the pram can be maneuvered easily using one hand.

De-attachable Carrycot.

The stroller comes with a detachable cot, which can be detached from the stroller and carried independently.

5 point safety harness

The  5-point safety harness comes with wide and adjustable straps that are nicely padded to ensure the comfort and safety of the baby at all times. They prevent the baby from falling off the stroller.

Front-wheel with swivel

The single pedal lockable rear wheels plus lockable front swivel wheels with suspension for shock absorption make the baby stroller easy to maneuver as compared to fixed wheels, which are easier to maneuver over rough surfaces.

Looking window in the canopy

The stroller comes with a foldable canopy to protect the baby from extreme sun rays or rain. Also, parents can keep a constant check on newborn babies when they are sleeping or awake.

Large storage basket and tray

The stroller has a large storage basket to store the baby’s diaper bag, clothes, and other essential items. The basket increases the center of gravity of the stroller and maintains stability.

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What Do We like


The stroller has been ergonomically designed and is light in weight. When folded, it reduces in size and does not occupy space. Thus, it can easily fit into car trunks. It is conveniently portable as it comes with a carry handle.


The stroller has high safety standards to ensure the baby is safe at all times. It comes with 5 point harness and lockable front swivel wheels with suspension for shock absorption.


The seats of the stroller are padded and made of fine fabric so that the baby is comfortable. The foam-filled rubber tires and suspension system make movement smooth and easy.

What We Don’t Like

Poor quality wheels

The stroller has poor quality wheels, and also the lock does not function smoothly. The wheels drop each time the stroller is lifted, and a lot of effort has to be put to drag the stroller.


The stroller is ultra-compact and does not take up much storage space, so it is easily portable. It comes with adjustable footrest and backrest and 5 point safety harness to keep the baby safe and comfortable. Hence, it is a reliable choice.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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