Fisher-price Baby Bouncers

Fisher-price is an American company that manufactures various kids’ products right from educational toys, baby feeding essentials to baby gears like swings, bouncers, car seats, etc. It is headquartered in New York and has been a subsidiary of Mattel since 1993.

Fisher-price was established with the combined efforts of Herman Fisher, Irving Price, and Helen Schelle. Their aim was to produce and deliver products that help in the development of children. All the products by fisher price are loved by the parents and children equally, especially their educational toys and baby bouncers. 

The bouncers not only entertain kids but they also help in developing their motor and sensory skills. They are designed innovatively to bring out the potential in each child. The products are manufactured with the highest safety standards. 

The fisher price bouncers are available in attractive designs and colors, making it suitable for kids. It also comes with engaging toys, colorful lights, and rattles. They are available mostly in two types i.e., electric and non-electric. 

All the bouncers have multi reclining positions; they are easy to store, removable toy bar, and are safe for the babies. Let’s look at the amazing features of fisher price baby bouncers. 

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Features of fisher price baby bouncer

Child development

The primary aim of products by fisher price is development along with play! The baby bouncers by fisher price help in developing three primary skills in an infant. 

It develops Gross Motor, sensory skills, and provides security and happiness to the child. 


The fisher price bouncers are made using high-quality plastic and is light in weight. Some bouncers have carry handles which makes it easy to move around the house. This way the baby can chill while you do your chores. 

 3 in 1 variation

The bouncers by fisher price are versatile. Along with the bouncing features, most of the fisher price bouncers can also rock or use as a swing. It provides calming vibrations which soothe the baby. Some bouncers also have music and sound function which keeps the baby entertained

Gentle bouncing

The fisher price bouncy seat provides gentle bounce according to your baby’s natural movements. The gentle bounce offers a soothing and calming effect, and your baby feels secure and safe. 

Toy Bar

When the baby is in the mood for some entertainment, the overhead toy bar will offer him/her tons of fun! Most of the bouncers come with a removable toy bar. 

Some toy bar comes with bat-at toys while some with soft toys. The toys stimulate the baby’s sight and thus keeps him/her entertained for a long time.

Washable seat cover

The seats of baby bouncers are made with soft and baby-friendly materials. The covers and seat pad can be removed and are fully machine washable and dryer safe; hence they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Frame and Padded seat

The design of the bouncers is exquisite and simple. The frame is light in weight, and the seats are deep and well padded. The padded seats and headrest provide a warm and comfortable environment to the baby, and your baby feels secure and happy.

3 point safety harness

The bouncy seats have a 3 point safety harness which protects your baby by restricting his/her movements. The feet are anti-skid, making it very safe for the baby. 


If you are thinking of buying a baby bouncer, then you can never go wrong with the fisher price. It provides actual value for money, and its features are incredible. They are safe to use, helps in developing various skills and provides a comfortable environment for your baby

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