Glen 3045 2 Ltr 800W Air Fryer Review

Glen offers genuine sought after products to its customers. Producing products like chimneys, cooktops, and small appliances. This Glen air fryer comes with a compact design that has a capacity of 2 litters is put together, and it comes with a 30 minutes’ timer in which it makes an alarming noise to signal when the cooking is done.

It helps monitor your food and makes sure it doesn’t overcook. It fries well and tastes wells when you consume it. It makes healthy and tasty fries that you will love. It gives maximum airflow, so the amount of food you cook accommodates the capacity. It does not only fry but also bakes, roasts, grills, toasts. It uses reduced oil in cooking.

This product comes with various instructions that make it easier to operate the device. It is easy to clean. It also helps reheat your meal when it gets cold.


The Glen 3045 2 L 800W Air Fryer has a timer that helps in keeping your food under supervision. Before frying, you set the timer, and you can rest assured that when it is done, the Fryer’s alarm will go off making you aware. It comes with an adjustable time knob that helps in setting the time.

Compact design

It is a very modern design, fits perfectly into a modern kitchen. It could be placed on the kitchen counter or shelf.

Touch handle

It comes with a cool-touch handle that you can grip when frying, and it helps you balance preventing you from burning your fingers.

Removable basket

When cooking is done, it makes it easier to clean the basket because it is removable.

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What Do We like

Multiple Functions

The Fryer not only fries but also bakes, grills, and roasts with little or no oil.

Power consumption

The device operates on 800 watts, which is high and which helps it do fast frying. The increased power helps your meal fry conveniently. The frying is efficient, and it doesn’t waste time.


It comes with enough space that helps your meal fry or bakes conveniently.

Easy to use

The Fryer is easy for anyone to use, the instructions are there and are made for anyone to use. The timer is there, and you make sure it is set before frying, then it would let you know the meal is prepared.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


The Glen 3045 2 L 800W Air Fryer is an excellent piece for frying, baking, grilling, roasting with little or no oil. It fries crispy golden-brown finish and cuts the calories in making everything which helps our improved health. It saves electricity though it still cooks fast. It has a Pre-set temperature of 180-200°C; also, it does pre-set frying, vapor steam for crispier frying.

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