Stok Digital Air Fryer with Smart Rapid 3D Air Technology Review

Stok Digital Air Fryer uses 85% less oil than traditional fryers and delivers the same crunchy taste of fried food without oil. It doesn’t produce oil fumes whenever it used, and it lest you eat healthier and conveniently. It comes with ten originals, easy, and delicious recipes for meals you like.

This air fryer is made of pure stainless steel. Toxic materials can take no more leech into your food whenever it is used. The air fryer allows the even circulation of air, which helps to cook the food quickly and adequately.


Rapid air technology

Rapid air technology helps you prepare your favorite snacks and meals adequately. It circulates heat around ingredients, making it possible to have you snacks or foods prepared in less time. Its unique design on the bottom helps to facilitate the circulation of air to make your food cook thoroughly and quickly without needing much oil.

Soft digital keys

This air fryer is designed with a large control panel with a built-in digital one-touch screen menu, which features simple and easy to use buttons. With this, you can set temperature within a range of 80 to 200 degrees. It also comes with a cooking time up to 30 minutes and eight presets design. This eight preset includes steak, fish, chicken leg, shrimp, chips, ice chips, for convenient frying.

Detachable basket and pan

Its removable basket and pan make it easier to move food from fryer without the mess of crumbs and oils. The ingredients can shake conveniently whenever it is used. The transfer is also less stressful, as it allows the food to be easily transferred to a serving platter. To remove the basket is very easy; press down on the detach button and lift. It is also equipped with a button guard to prevent accidental detachment.

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What Do We like

Non-stick basket

The basket is non-stick; you can easily remove cooked foods from the pan without worrying about ingredients sticking to the basket. The air fryer’s basket is coated with PFOA free non-stick material. You can clean up the non-stick surface quickly after a meal. It also makes you spend less time in the kitchen.

Healthier cooking

It comes with several cooking possibilities. This air fryer not only does frying, but it also grills juicy steaks and roast pork’s loin. You can fry your favorite food without extra calories. You can also reheat your meal at a temperature as low as 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This air fryer gives you a temperature setting as high as 200 degrees, which enables you to bake your cake, cookies, and pies comfortably.

What We Don’t Like

Switch panel

The switch panel is a nice feature, but it can be challenging to operate at times. This can be difficult for first-time users to understand the dynamics of the system. The switch panel has eight preset menus, by which the cooking result might not be convenient for the user.


This air fryer is durable and long-lasting. The air fryer comes with sturdy rack feet for holding heavier foods. The rapid technology helps to revitalize crispiness and freshness in the menu, allowing you to enjoy leftovers as if they were fresh from the kitchen.

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