Micromax 40 Inches Full HD LED TV 40A9900FHD Review

You can consider the Micromax 40 Inches Full HD 40A9900FHD LED TV if you wish to buy a sleek 40 inch LED TV model with Full HD display. Here we provide the in-depth review of this Micromax LED TV model.

Micromax is a leading Indian electronics company that deals with the manufacture of smartphones and televisions. It has given us a number of television models that are created using modern ideas and technologies so that you are provided with the best and easy access to entertainment. One such Micromax TV model is the 40A9900FHD  which was launched in 2017.

Micromax 40 inch led tv is a sleek black body LED TV model that comes with a wide 40-inch screen enhanced with a Full HD display. Thus, you get to enjoy watching content in high resolution of 1080 p. This is combined with a high-frequency surround sound that ensures the ultimate viewing experience. It uses a special technology that brings the videos on the screen to life for a life-like feel.

Moreover, you never have to worry about electricity bills even after long hours of TV viewing because of its low power consumption. This Micromax LED TV comes with many great features and pros which we will explain in detail in the following sections of this article. We also explain the minor cons so that you can evaluate your decision to purchase this TV model.

Features for Micromax 40 Inches Full HD LED TV 40A9900FHD

40 Inch Full HD Display

This model comes with a 40 inch LED screen that is powered with a full HD display. This ensures a high-quality image of 1920 x 1080 pixels so that you get to watch all your favorite contents with crisp details. This enhances your viewing experience for a more life-like feel.

Crystal Liquid Color Polarization Technology

The display is powered with a Crystal Liquid Color Polarizing technology that enhances the light and the color gamut of the image. Thus, it brings out the vibrant colors so that you obtain a crystal clear picture quality for a spectacular visual experience.

20 Watt Output Channel Speaker With SRS Surround Sound

The model comes with 20-watt channel speakers that produce SRS surround sound quality that will immerse you completely with its high frequency and bass. It enhances the quality of sound so that you get to listen to every minute details and dialogues of movies with clarity.

2 HDMI and 2 USB Ports

It has 2 HDMI ports so that you can connect different multimedia devices to your TV and convert your living room into an entertainment center. Moreover, the 2 USB ports enable you to plug in your USB devices so that you can watch all your stored images, videos, movies, and more on the big screen. These connectivity ports give you wider and faster access to different entertainment on a single platform.

AVEA Technology

The Micromax led tv 40 inches is powered with an Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture technology that will give you a delightful experience. This technology brings the videos on the TV to life by enhancing both the audio and the visuals.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen Size40 Inches
DisplayLED, Full HD, AVEA Technology, Crystal Liquid Color Polarization Technology
Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Audio20 Watts Output, 5 Band Equalizer, Channel Speakers, SRS Surround Sound
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 VGA
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Ultimate Viewing Experience- The 40 inches Full HD display ensures a detailed picture quality that is enhanced with crisp and bright colors. The stunning picture is teamed with a Surround sound that immerses you completely with enhanced bass and clear details. Thus, you get the ultimate viewing experience that is made better with this Micromax TV’s AVEA technology.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption- This model of Micromax consumes minimum power even after watching hours of non-stop entertainment. Hence, you never have to worry about spending huge amounts on electricity bills.
  • 5 Band Equalizer- The 5 band equalizer helps you adjust the sound frequencies of the content you watch according to the genre and your preference. Thus, you get to enjoy a richer customized listening experience while watching your favorite entertainment based shows.

What We Don’t Like

  • Malfunction of Remote Control- Consumers have complained about the quality of the remote provided with this Micromax TV. There have been issues related to the sensors which cause the remote to malfunction. Users have had to replace the remote or repair the sensors. This caused inconvenience and interrupted the entertainment experience.


The Micromax 40 Inch 40A9900FHD is an economical LED TV option to consider because of its ultra-low power consumption. It also ensures the ultimate viewing experience because of its Full HD display and SRS Surround Sound. The remote could be better built. However, overall, it is a great choice to consider also because of its 5 band equalizer that allows you to customize the sound settings according to your preference.

Anaida Sutherland

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