Luminous Life Max LM 18075 Review

Luminous is the pioneering brand instorage power segment, having a vast portfolio of products in home inverter, inverter battery, solar products, stabilizers and accessories. It enjoys an impressive presence in this market-space with millions of satisfied customers. Its inverter batteries employ sophisticated and advanced technology for effectively dealing with long & frequent power cuts.

Among its tubular battery range, Life Max LM 18075 150 AH Battery is specially built for uninterrupted power supply for longer durations. It also has comparatively faster recharge characteristics after a discharge.

Being a lead acid battery, it is a completely recyclable and safe for home use that delivers power-packed performance with minimal maintenance.

We have extensively tested this battery and find it a best-in-class home inverter battery that features super-long life and high-quality, rugged construction.

Luminous Life Max LM 18075 150 AH Battery


150 Ah capacity

150 Ah, that's a mammoth battery capacity. This huge capacity determines the optimal performance of your home UPS system and long back-up hours. It weighs 62 Kgs due to the presence of a high quantity of lead for ensuring efficient performance.

We tested it and found that it provides a super-long back up of up to 4-5 hours in the absence of electricity. This delivers a nominal voltage of 12 V and supports inverters in the range 900VA – 10 KVA.

When it is completely charged, it stores 1800 watts power that is more than sufficient to run various electrical appliances like AC, geyser, microwave, computer, etc.

75 Months Warranty

Life Max LM 18075 model promises peace of mind for many years with its seemingly forever warranty of 75 months. This includes a 60 months flat warranty plus 15 months of pro-rata warranty.

You can easily contact Luminous customer care at its toll-free number 1800 103 3039 or send an email at if you face any technical issues with your battery.

We found the customer care executive of Luminous to be responsive and considerate.

Next-Generation Battery

Hailed as an advanced next-generation battery, the Life Max LM 18075 model features pencil-type armored and tall tubular plates.

We researched its inner machinery and found that the tall tubular plates provide superior charge acceptance and deliver longer back up due to slow shedding of its active material.

The tubular design ensures that it is better suited for producing and accepting current during charging and discharging procedures. This makes it an ideal battery for fast-charging and supporting heavy-duty applications with sustained high current.

More Acid Volume

This battery comes with 30% more acid volume per Ah as compared to other normal tubular batteries. This prevents the water content of your battery from drying up speedily.

We checked the acid levels with the float indicators during our research and found them almost the same. We also checked the color of the acid and found it to be colorless. This indicated the healthy state of the battery.

Proprietary Spine Alloy Composition

We delved into this battery's composition and observed that it features high purity and proprietary spine alloy composition. This corrosion-resistant design ensures it provides long-lasting life for many years.

Oxidation-resistant Gauntlet

This battery comes with flexible and robust gauntlets with oxidation-resistant properties. These gauntlets are the polyester tubes that seal the active material and avoid corrosion or shedding for enhanced and long-lasting battery performance.

Polyethylene separator

This battery features a polyethylene separator that ensures a powerful safety mechanism with its puncture-resistant design that drastically reduces the chances of internal short circuits.

High Durability

It is a highly durable battery that features sealed plastic housing. We checked its exterior surface and found it to be a sturdy and rugged container for handling extreme conditions with ease. Its huge acid volume also ensures high temperature resistance of this battery during long service life.

Best Suited for Whom



This battery features a complex design as compared to flat batteries. The overall volume & weight of the battery is comparatively higher, which makes it difficult for internal logistics and movement during installation.


Our tests indicate that Luminous Life Max LM 18075 150 AH battery provides impressive, long-lasting power back-up. It is an ideal combination of a high amp hour rating and a long warranty.

Its long-life, power-packed performance, robust construction, lower maintenance, 100% recyclability, and better safety makes it an ideal battery for your home inverter system.

We recommend it as one of the best batteries for uninterrupted power availability in areas that face long and frequent power-cuts.