Cosee Floral Printed Comforter Review

After a hectic day, our body longs for a good night’s sleep. Having a cozy comforter just enhances the quality of your overnight rest. 

It creates your own pocket of comfort where you can tuck in, and all your worries melt away. You wake up feeling fresher, free from the tiredness and ready to face the next day. 

While you may not think much about picking a comforter blanket, several factors affect its quality and ultimately determine how well you sleep. Taking out the time to purchase a decent comforter might be more beneficial than you think.

We were glad to get hold of Cosee’s soft comforters and use it. Here are some of the best features we loved and our experience with the product.

Cosee Floral Printed Comforter


All-weather use

Conventional blankets just serve a single purpose, and that is preserving your body heat. This makes the blanket redundant in average to hot temperatures. You then have to spend more money on another blanket for different weather. 

However, a Cosee comforter is the only blanket you will need in all weather conditions. This is perfect for the Indian climate, which is known to be unpredictable. 

The fabric is breathable and maintains just the right temperature for your body, be it summer or winter. It never felt excessively cold or hot. It was always the perfect temperature for maximum comfort. 


Cosee Floral Printed Comforter Image

This comforter uses top-of-the-line filling and has an amazing fabric quality. The filling is evenly distributed for uniform weight across the blanket. 

Its fluffiness in all the right places made our sleep more comfortable. 

The stunning quality and lovely design of this fabric is a result of extensive research, and we experienced it in the exquisite sleeping environment it provided. 

The fine quality materials give it the ideal thickness. 

Visual appeal 

Cosee’s comforters not only look pretty but are also reversible, meaning you get two colour combinations for the price of one. You can choose whichever colour that suits your taste. 

It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom and complements the decor. 

The stylish and luxurious look of the comforter adds another dimension to the room. It is available in 12 different reversible colours and two sizes for single and double beds.

Best Suited for Whom

It is suitable for almost anyone looking for a high-quality comforter. 


  • All-weather usability
  • Plush material that feels soft on the skin
  • Maintains just the right temperature needed
  • A wide range of colours so you can choose the one that compliments your bedroom
  • Noticeably better sleeping experience
  • Machine Washable


  • The comforter will be oversized and scrape the floor for any bigger bed sizes than a single or double bed.


All in all, this comforter is designed, keeping in mind the requirement of Indian customers. It delivers all the benefits of a premium blanket at an affordable price.