Avishkaar Tweak Snap and Fit Programmable Robot Review

Avishkaar is a pioneering STEM toys brand that employs futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automation, and Coding for designing the STEM toys for next-generation kids.

Avishkaar Tweak is a modular robotics kit that provides great learning for the kids while keeping them engaged in fun-filled infotainment.

With Tweak, your kids can learn coding and robot-building quickly. It boosts up the confidence in your kids with self-robot-making experiences.

Tweak boasts of several international and national design awards including Best Digital Ergonomic Product by Design4India, Best Industrial Design Product by Design Excellence, etc.

Avishkaar Tweak Snap and Fit Programmable Robot


Ergonomic Components

Avishkaar Tweak Snap and Fit Programmable Robot Components

Tweak comes with ergonomically shaped and sized design components that include modules, sensors, and motors for creating different types of robots with endless possibilities.

We unboxed the package and found that this set of ergonomic components include Heart Module (control unit), Colour sensor, Face module, Drive motor (DM1 and DM2), Ball castor, IR sensor, Touch sensor, Wheels, Light sensor, etc.

In addition to the above components, the package also comes with a USB cable, charger, and user manual.

Your kids can easily assemble these components as they have a snap and fit design without any wires involved.

100+ Projects

With Tweak, your kids can complete over 100 DIY robotics projects. Your kid can build and program a robot quickly by assembling its components within 5 minutes. It gives a jumpstart for your kids to learn robotics.

Your kids can unleash their creativity for building various interesting robots by joining its modules in any direction with effortless ease.

It gives great flexibility to your kids to make whatever they imagine like Rodeo bull tweak, Chameleon tweak, Sunflower tweak, Cat tweak, etc.

We found that Tweak provides great opportunities for the kids to sharpen their creativity and help them with logic-building and problem-solving skills.

It keeps your kids busy with various interesting and learning activities.

Kid-Friendly Robotics with Snap-Fit Mechanism

Avishkaar Tweak Kid Friendly Robotics with Snap Fit Mechanism

Tweak provides kids-friendly robotics with its components that provide an easy snap-fit mechanism. It is a modular robotics kit that features familiar snap and fit blocks for building new-age robotics.

The snap-fit design helps your kids in guided designing and perfectly fitting the blocks. There are numbers on display on the blocks for identifying the faces and there are 14 faces for connecting the modules.

Tweak provides exceptional “Make Your Own Robot” experiences for your kids that involve boosting their creativity and giving them a sense of achievement at their creations.


Avishkaar Tweak TweakGo

With a TweakGo app, your kids can control and code Tweak by using a graphical coding interface. Your kids can access this app on both Apple and Android smartphones or tablets.

We observed that by using the TweakGo app, kids can easily program Tweak to dance, make sounds, move, light up, react to the voice, or even avoid obstacles.

Programmable Robot

Tweak is a modular robotics kit that allows your kids to create and program a “DIY” robot. The Tweak is a real programmable robot that enables your kids to learn to code in a playful manner.

We observed that it gives the kids ample scope for bringing their imagination to life and preparing hundreds of coding projects by using a free Tweak mobile app.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Tweak is an intricately designed modular robotics kit that features in-built Bluetooth connectivity for convenient wireless control from a distance.

We observed the kids doing programming with Tweak and found that they can easily engage in wireless programming for creating hundreds of autonomous robotics projects with multiple sensors that come with this kit.


This modular robotics kit is suitable for kids in the age group of 5+ years. It is ideally suited for introducing the basics of robotics, automation, sensors, motors, and programming; among kids at an early age.

We observed that it works as a great STEM toy for kids in the age group of 5+ years. It is designed to match the skill levels and attention span of kids in the targeted age-group.


Tweak comes with speakers for playing sounds. You can program your Tweak to make sounds using the Tweakgo app.

This is an interesting addition to the modular kit as it assists the kids in making interesting robots that make sounds.

Battery Indicators

Tweak features colourful battery indicators that enable your kids to identify the battery level. The blue light indicates status, the green light indicates charging status, and the red light indicates low battery.

We found these indicators to be very useful for charging the batteries in time as per their charge level.

Best Suited for Whom

It is best suited for all those kids in the age group of 5 years and above, who find it interesting to play with blocks or Mechanix sets.

Tweak is designed to suit the skill levels and attention-span of kids in this age group.

It is great for kids who have flair for STEM toys as you can develop their interest in futuristic digital technologies like Robotics, Automation, and coding.


Inculcate Multiple Skills

Avishkaar Tweak is a unique STEM toy that aims at developing multiple skills in your kids such as STEM learning, fine-motor skills, logical skills, robotics skills, mechanical designs, etc.

We found Tweak to be an ideal educational toy that gives a jump start to your kids into robotics at an early age and provides immense learning with fun-filled robot-building projects.

As your kids can build over 100 robots using Tweak, it prepares them to pursue advanced robotics in the future.

Easy to Make & Program Autonomous Robots

With Avishkaar Tweak, your kids can expand their creativity and make more than 100 different types of robots with endless possibilities. Your kids can also program their robots with the TweakGo app.

The best part is that your 5-year-old kid can build a robot without having any prior knowledge of coding or robotics.

Gives Sense of Achievement

With its modular design components, Tweak makes it easy for your kids to prepare robots and enjoy a satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

It helps your kids to develop confidence and boosts their creativity.

Engaging STEM toy

Tweak can engage your kids into hours of fun-filled robot-building projects. It is a suitable STEM toy that comes packed with entertainment and education values.


We didn’t find anything negative about Tweak


Our research with the Avishkaar Tweak indicates that it is an excellent STEM toy for kids aged 5 years and above. It is an ideal toy for exposing your kids to the futuristic Digital world driven by robotics, sensors, automation, etc.