Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277 Review

Welcare is among the top treadmill manufacturing brands. Here we have provided the detailed features, pros and cons of the highly efficient Welcare 1.5 HP Motorized Treadmill WC2277.

When the world today is after staying completely fit and healthy, exercise is as necessary as having food. No more you can take it as an option as if you don’t have a proper shape; you will be the focus of discussion. You will never want to become such a focal point but you will.

This is the reason why most of the people look after getting into a proper shape and exercise daily. This brings the need for running outside, but this is also a major issue for people. As these days we are mostly busy in our jobs, we hardly could manage times from it to go out for running or exercising. This is the reason why treadmill has become common equipment in everyone’s house these days.  Since it eases exercising, cuts the need for going out and provides the same result as running outside would.

When you have the urge of getting and maintaining a proper shape, you need a treadmill today. Well, you will always find many options as the market is full of choice these days. But the new Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277 has been integrated with some of the highly efficient features that make it a great choice for the people who want to run or walk every day to train their body.

With a 1.5HP motor integrated into this machine, the new addition in the Welcare has definitely the ability to take and fulfill your needs. Being one of the top brands in the treadmill family, the manufacturer has integrated all the necessary requirements in this machine. This is the reason even when it is a new addition the treadmill has got huge demand in the market.

A treadmill is selected as per the features present in it. Keeping in mind about the needs and requirements, the treadmill has been provided with some of the fantastic features.

Product Specifications

When it comes to your health, we probably take every right decision, but mostly we tend to set back when it comes to going out for exercising. Also due to climatic hazards mostly we are forced to skip. This is the reason why treadmill has its own set of importance in our personal lives, but only then when the treadmill has some of the efficient features.

The new Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277 has been provided with some of the good features. Let us have a look at some of these features.

1.5HP motor:

Keeping in mind regarding the needs of the users, the manufacturers have kept the price within range but still have equipped this treadmill with a 1.5HP motor.

This means that this motor can deliver continuous power for any type of workout. With such an endurance, you can stay assured that the motor has great longevity while offer room for variation. Moreover, being designed with flywheel, this treadmill reduces the power consumption to a much greater extent.

100 Kgs of Weight Capacity:

This treadmill has been designed for multiple home users and which is why it has the capacity of taking weight up to 100kgs. With such huge weight capacity, this treadmill easily becomes one name for the entire family members.

Since it is meant for both walking and running, it is recommended by the manufacturers to keep 20kgs as a buffer as it will ensure the longevity of this machine.


Just like everyone the way your main concern is the space required, the good news is this machine can be folded. It will not keep the space occupied anymore. Once you are done exercising, you just fold the machine and keep in some corner. Therefore, in this way you can free the space occupied.

1 – 14km/hr Speed:    

You can boost your energy by running regularly, and when you have such a wide speed variation to choose, you can easily accomplish your fitness goals. With 1 to 14km/h of speed variation, you can easily go from lower to the higher levels. Generally, the highest speed is highly impossible to attain, and once you can, you can stay assured that you can easily attain your goals.

9 Preset Programs:

To ensure proper exercising, the treadmill has been designed with nine preset programs, three body fat, and user hand pulse programs. No more you have to run blindly as now the treadmill is itself there to guide and be the road towards leading a healthy and confident life.

48 x 17 Inches of Running Surface:

Running surface is another vital aspect of any treadmill. As while running, without even our concern the strides go longer and which is why broader and longer deck surface becomes a need for the people. Keeping in mind regarding in prime lookout, this treadmill has been provided with a large running surface that will help you to run and walk comfortably.

5” LCD:

The treadmill is also provided with an LCD screen that shows every information going in the treadmill and with your body. The huge 5-inch screen shows the distance you have covered, speed level, calories burnt, the time taken and also the heart rate that is a pivotal factor. With complete information, you can get motivated to go for more and attain your goals faster.

Cushioning System:

Not only this machine has a wider and broader running surface, but also this treadmill has a great cushioning system. This not only makes sure that your joints remain in proper shape and do not get damaged, but also because of the cushioning system, this decreases the floor vibration and noise to a huge extent. If you want no problems with your ankles or knees, a cushioning system is the first thing you need to check.

Pulse rate Sensors:

Keeping a track on your heart rate is a vital thing to know your heart health. Also, this is great as it helps to understand whether your heart can take the speed or energy you are putting into.

Let us have a look at the features in brief:

Max User Weight100kgs
FoldableYes, equipped with a soft drop system
Preset programsNine preset programs, three user  hand pulse, and body fat programs
Display5 Inch LCD Display
Display ConsoleDistance covered, speed level, calories burnt, the time taken and the heart rate
Running Surface48”x17.”
Safety KeyYes
Pulse RateYes with the thumb sensor

What Do We like

  • Great Quality: We found the quality of this material to be great for different trainees. Being built with sturdy materials, this machine can retain its capability even when you keep running on top speed. We have tried running on the top speeds and observed no noise and softer landing.
  • Came with an auto stop features: Since most of the beginner struggles to work with the rhythm of the treadmill, the machine has been provided with an auto stop function. In case the treadmill detects any kind of possibility of any accidental damage, it immediately stops and keeps the danger away. All you need is to keep your cloth attached to the safety key.
  • Apt for maintaining your cardio health: Treadmill is mainly designed for running and walking which is primarily it is meant for maintaining the cardio health. This machine is apt for you as it has the features that will maintain your cardio health much easier.
  • Ample of running space: Unlike most of the other treadmills that are available at this range come with limited running space, this machine has ample of deck area. Even when we tried with the taller men, they found it comfortable to run at the top speed.
  • Great Cushion: Cushioning is truly important which is generally overlooked. However, the manufacturer has kept it in mind and has provided us with a machine that has not only great features integrated into it but also with proper cushioning, it takes away the fatigue.

What We Don’t Like

  • Did not come with a cover: Well, as the other model came with a cover, we expected the manufacturer to provide it for this model as well. It is not a huge problem, but it aids in keeping the treadmill covered and away from dust and dirt.


With some of the efficient features available with INR 40000, the Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277 has become a great choice for most of the people. Some of the amazing features with a 1.5HP motor, 1 – 14km/h of speed range and 100kgs of the max weight limit, this treadmill have become the perfect one to include in your house.

With such huge variations in speed and weight ranges available within the budget, everyone can use this machine and accomplish their fitness goals much easier than ever.

So purchase the Welcare Motorized Treadmill WC2277 today and give new definition to your health.


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