Welcare Motorized Treadmill 1 HP Review

Welcare is a leading treadmill manufacturing brand that has introduced us with a wide range of motorized treadmills. Here we have provided the detailed review of the powerful 1 HP Welcare Motorized Treadmill.

As the popular phrase goes, “Health is Wealth”, we all are aware of how important proper health is for us. But to maintain good health, you need to make sure that you exercise regularly and never skip your daily routine. Nothing like daily exercise and a proper diet can help you to maintain a fantastic health condition and fit body.

However, due to the hectic schedule and tremendous work pressure, often there are days when we feel too much lazy to get ready and go out for jogging or running. This, as a result, hampers our health condition and needs to be checked.

When exercise is necessary and you cannot help but take the work pressure, then you need a substitute. Nothing can be the choice than a motorized treadmill when it comes to buying an ideal substitute that will make it both fruitful and convenient for the users.

From the range of treadmill options available for people in the market, the new Welcare Motorized Treadmill 1HP is one of those new options offering some of the amazing features. With the 1HP powerful motor equipped in this machine, this fitness equipment is enough to offer great results from your daily exercise.  

Moreover, this treadmill motor power can go up to a range of 2HP when it is the peak tie. With such a flexible motor having the efficacy to take the different exercise routine, you no longer need to go for the gym or run outside. Not only this, but this treadmill has various other features integrated into it that makes it the ideal choice for people. We will have a look at some of its most amazing features.

Treadmill has definitely made exercise much more convenient because of its great design, but beyond that, if something is necessary to check, then those are its features. With some of the effective features, this treadmill can become an ideal replacement for people.

Product Features

Treadmills have definitely become an integral part of our daily life and the main difficulty faced by us during choosing a treadmill is understanding whether it is great for the investment. This is the reason there is always a need for taking a look at the product features. Below we have mentioned the top features of this treadmill that have actually made a great choice for the home users.

1HP Motor:

This new treadmill has a great motor of 1HP which makes sure to carry all the exercise routine starting from standard to intense exercise with ease. Moreover, this treadmill has the ability to go to a peak range of 2HP which is absolutely amazing for the people who wants to practice high-level exercise. This is the reason why this treadmill is ideal for both beginners and the pro level trainees.

LCD Screen:

The treadmill has been provided with a huge LCD screen where you can find all the information right on the screen. This blue backlight screen shows the time, distance, speed, pulse, and calories burnt which means you can easily find all the details right in front of you. Not only this is informative, but also it is motivational for people to find how much they are working out.

1-10km/h speed:

To make the treadmill apt for people of all needs, there is always a need for offering a huge speed range. The manufacturer of this treadmill has provided with a great speed range of 1 to 10km/h that makes it an ideal choice for people who are looking for speed variation. With such speed variation, you can train your body to take new challenges every day.

12 Preset Programs:

Since most of us do not have any personal trainer, preset programs tend to be a necessary thing in the treadmill. To make sure that everyone gets benefitted from it, this machine has been equipped with 12 preset programs. All you need is to just change the program and start working out to achieve the desired result.

42 x 15 inches of Running Surface:

When it comes to running, you definitely need something wider and broader. This treadmill has been provided with a running surface that measures 42 x 15inches. This is quite a broad surface along with having the length that ensures comfortable running even on high speed.

90Kgs of Max Weight:

Each and every treadmill comes with a huge user weight limit. Since these are specially designed for home use, you need to choose one that has a huge user weight limit. This treadmill manufacturer has equipped this treadmill in such a way that it gets the ability to take a weight up to 90kgs of weight. But then again it is always better to keep a buffer of 25kgs when you opt for speed running.

Soft Drop Folding System:

The treadmill has been offered with great technology which makes it easily accessible. In order to make it perfect for the home users, the treadmill has a soft drop folding system. This will make sure that you don’t have to ask for help from anyone to fold the machine.

USB and AUX Connectivity:

As we all know music is one of the most crucial needs for people especially while working out. In order help you enjoy the music, the treadmill has been provided with a USB and AUX connectivity. This makes sure that even while exercising; you can tune into your favorite music and enjoy the music.

Let us have a look at some of the features in brief:

Motor1HP and 2HP in the Peak time
Speed Range1 – 10km/h
Preset Programs 12
Running Area43 x 15 Inches
Max User Weight90kgs
ConnectivityUSB / AUX
LCD FeaturesSpeed, Distance covered, Preset Program, Time and calories burnt
Warranty1 Year
Shock AbsorptionAmazing. Does not hurt your heels or ankles
AdvantageYou can easily burn the extra calories and fat along with boost the cardiovascular health with this treadmill.
Safety KeyYes

What Do We Like

  • Awesome Performance: The treadmill has definitely been equipped with a great motor and amazing speed range, which means the treadmill has a great performance. Moreover, being provided with a motor that runs to 2HP during the peak time, we have witnessed how great the treadmill performance is.
  • Superb Quality: Keeping in mind the need for the intense trainee, the treadmill has been designed with top class material. This again makes sure that the treadmill remains in its top quality even after carrying the intense exercise routine. We totally loved the quality.
  • Does not eat space: One of the biggest nightmares of people who opt to buy a treadmill is space. Since treadmill requires space, home users tend to face issues with it. This treadmill is undoubtedly a great choice for the people as it does not require much space. In a limited space this can adjust, all you need is to unfold it while exercising and then again fold and store it in some corner.
  • Folding system is excellent: The treadmill has been provided with a folding system that makes it a great choice for people. The soft folding system makes it easy for people to fold without the need for anyone to help.
  • Great Shock Absorption: We have tried running on the top speed and have witnessed that the treadmill has a great cushion system that ensures no pain on knees or heels. This is one of the biggest problems faced by people while running outside and which is taken care of by the manufacturer of this treadmill.

What We Don’t Like

  • No Incline Level: Even when the treadmill has been provided with some of the amazing features, it does not have any incline degrees equipped in it. We expected incline features to be added in this treadmill as it would help people to tone your muscles and get a fit and healthy body.


With the many features being integrated into the treadmill, this machine has become a great inclusion for people. This New Welcare Motorized Treadmill 1HP is a great choice as it has a great speed variation along with a sturdy body which makes it a great choice for people.

Moreover, being designed in a compact manner and able to fold easily makes it a great choice for home users. So, what are you waiting for? Just place your order today and enjoy a healthy life.


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