Tata Swach Non Electric Silver Boost 27-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

Water purifiers are a result of the development of technology. Tata Swach is a leading brand that deals with the manufacture of innovative water purifiers. The Tata Swach Non-Electric Silver Boost Gravity Based Water Purifier comes with a capacity of 27 liters. It is ideal for a large family of four members or more.

The model has an excellent storage tank with a sufficient capacity of 27 Litres. It utilizes the gravity purification technique to provide pure and safe drinking water while saving electricity.


The water purifier has an excellent storage tank capacity of 27 liters that satisfies the needs of the family efficiently. It has 14 liters of purified water storage and 13 liters of upper water storage.

Silver Nano Technology

It ensures complete safety from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and cyst by employing the silver nanotechnology.

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What Do We like

Auto shut off and Direct tap fill

The all-new water purifier provides the auto shut off feature for safe usage. It also supports the direct tap fill option that makes the life of the user easily. It does not require running water, making it a convenient choice.


The model is efficiently designed such that the resultant water is entirely free from the chemicals. The gravity-based purification system is equipped with ultrafiltration and silver nanotechnology. It is supplemented with the all-new fast action bulb.


The water purifier is equipped with a high-grade quality material where it has a shrink pack size of four. Its two-way dispenser tap ensures purified drinking water conveniently.

What We Don’t Like

Time for Purification

The purifier takes comparatively longer to purify water. Hence, it sometimes acts as a hurdle to the users.


This gravity-based water purifier serves as the most promising futuristic appliance. It ensures efficient performance. Also, it is provided with a specific warranty period from the manufacturer’s end. Apart from the prominent water purification technique, the water purifier does not use any electricity. It is extremely easy to install, maintain, and operate. Thus, the Tata Swach Gravity Based water purifier can be a valuable choice if one is looking for the same.

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Hari Priya

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