Tata Swach Desire + Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

The new Tata Swach Desire + 27-Liter Gravity Based Water Purifier is a non-electrical water purifier that carries out the entire process of purification without inserting any harmful chemicals that may be dangerous to our health. It’s attractive black, and blue color attracts the eye no matter where you place it. The best part of the product is the new filter cartridge technology, which removes all the bacteria and germs present in the water.

High storage

The huge storage capacity it has got is one of the important advantages of the purifier as the water can be stored for a longer period after purification.

High flow rate

The product has got a very high flow rate of filtering 5 to 6 liters per hour.

Water level indicator

This is one of the important features of the product, which will automatically shut down after a certain level. A water level indicator helps to know when to stop the process of filtration and how much water can be filtered in what time. Thus this does not lead to any wastage.

Food grade plastic construction

The product is made from ABS plastic material which ensures high durability and longer life.

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What Do We like

27-liter storage capacity

More the storage, the more the purified water available in the tank, and the more it can serve. Hence, its huge capacity is a great benefit.

Easy maintenance

It is easy to clean and maintain once every 15 days, and the parts are detachable. Thus, every single part can be cleaned accordingly.

No servicing required

The product does not require any kind of service from the company or anywhere else, and the cleaning can be done at home itself as every part is removable.

Gravity based purifier

It is a gravity-based water purifier, which means that it is a non-electric water purifier. Thus, it will save a lot of electricity and can be used in places with a shortage of water and electricity.

What We Don’t Like

Limited conditions for purification: There are a few conditions for the purification of water. The product cannot completely purify water from a few sources, such as the brackish water or muddy water in rains. Tap or municipal water can be easily purified and made ready to drink.

Slow purification: The process of purification is quite slow as compared to the other purifiers. The water once poured into the tank above takes 1 to 2 hours to reach the other tank below, and thus, the process takes time.


Tata Swach Desire Gravity Based Water Purifier is a great product for areas that face a major water crisis as it can store a lot of water at once and also doesn’t require any electricity to function. The water level indicator of the product is one another great feature of the product, which will automatically shut down once enough water is purified, and hence, it will avoid any wastage of water. Thus, if the above conditions match your conditions, then it is the right product for you.

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