Tata Swach Non – electric Cristelle 18-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier Review

Tata Swach Cristella 18 L Gravity Based Water Purifier is an attractive water purifier with the modern technology that fits perfectly with the kitchen. It destroys the harmful germs and bacteria as per the USEPA guidelines giving you safe and pure drinking water. Also, one cannot miss the large storage capacity that it has got.

Gravitational purification

This is an advanced technology where the activated carbon absorbs impurities, and the UF membrane of the purifier separates pure water-extracting all the impurities when the water passes through.

18-liter storage

This new purifier comes with an extra storage capacity that stores 9 liters of purified water and 9 liters of water stored in the upper part for further purification.

Water level indicator

In order to avoid any wastage of water, the purifier has got a water level indicator that will shut automatically once the water is filled and purified.

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What Do We like

Saves electricity

As Tata Swach Cristella is a gravity-based water purifier, the entire process of purification is carried out under gravitational pressure, and hence no electricity is used for the functioning.

Auto shut off mechanism

This is a great feature as you do not need to worry about any water wastage or spills as the machine will automatically turn off.

No use of chlorine, bromine, or iodine

The silver nanotechnology used in the process of purification removes all the bacteria present in the water without adding any chemicals.

Easy to clean

The purifier is very easy to maintain as all the parts can be easily removed once in a week and can be cleaned.

Long cartridge life

The cartridge can run for up to 3000 liters of water. Which is the longest lifespan offered till now.

What We Don’t Like

Not good for water with high TDS

The water might not be able to remove water with high TDS proportion as it is nonelectric and runs functions on a very basic level. Hence it is not good for purification of water from all the sources.

Takes too long to purify

As the product functions in steps, it takes a lot of time to purify. The water in the upper part gets purified and is poured down to the lower part. Then the water fro the lower part is used for drinking, and the cycle is repeated in the same way.


A great product that is built with scratch-resistant and non-breakable plastic material, which also offers longer durability. Good for places with water shortage and frequent power cuts as no electricity is required to run the product. Also, as no chemicals are added while the process of purification, the water is obtained completely pure and safe. Also, it comes with easily detachable parts, which makes it easier to clean the product. Thus the maintenance of this product is also very low.
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Aarohi Rodi

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