KENT Pride 8-Litres Mineral RO Water Purifier Review

The latest kent water purifier with the storage capacity of 8 litres designed specially to fulfil the need of families, which are looking for cost-effective purifier. The product is available in 2 variants i.e. Single and Water purifier + Reject water storage tank with the price rate of 11,599 and 13,171 respectively. It helps to reduce the diseases cause by polluted water and promote a healthy life.



The purifier has a strong combination of RO, UV, and TDS which make the water purified at three-level so that no chemical would remain.RO help to remove ions and unwanted large molecules. UV help to destroy illness-causing micro-organisms and TDS Mineralizer help to reduce carbon compound, and metals compound like sulphur.


Purifier provide the 8-litre storage of water with the dimension 380 cms (Length) X 270 cms (Width) X 505 cms (Height). The purifier purifies 15 litres of water per hour when used continuously. It also provides the extra water storage tank in the second variant so that we can also store reject water which can be used for other purposes.


Purifier with the help of its multi-layer technology and TDS mineralizer help to sustain the essential natural minerals which make water healthy after the purification process. The purifier also has an alarm feature which activates when the filter needs to change so that clean water can be provided.[3] 

Fluctuation controller

The purifier is Built-in on SMPS technology that supports a wide range of input voltage (100-300V AC). These help in handling voltage fluctuations and make purifier more agile in its working and feature like auto-start and auto-off help machine to get over the problem of overworking.

What Do We like

Patented technology

Kent patented mineral RO Technology and TDS mineralizer which help to make drinking water nutritious, healthy, tasty and safe. The patented technology helps the company to innovate more in the purification of water as they are continuously working to develop an upgraded version of previous technologies. 

Trusted brand

Trusted brand – Kent is a well known brand in India that offers a variety of water purifiers. Being a known brand gives the benefit of having customer service all over India. Hence the users can buy the product without any doubts.

What We Don’t Like

Water Usage

The purifier throws out 650 ml of water in every 1litre (1000ml). That clearly show much water is wasted to produce 1litreof purified water. However, the company encourages to save the water in a container and use it for cleaning utensils, washing clothes.

TDS Limit

TDS can purify the solid content between 500-2500 ppm but if solid content exceeds this limit then the purifier will not be able to work. The content which has less than 500 ppm is acceptable for drinking as per the National Standards mentioned by Government Authorities.


Kent provides Pride RO water purifier with various features like capacity, warranty and technology, etc with some shortcomings like water usage and TDS limit which can be improved by the company in the upcoming product. So the product is viable to choose in the given price range with the provided feature

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