Kent Pearl 8-Litre Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier Review

Presenting you with a new technology that saves water by recovering the maximum amount of water with the help of a computer-controlled process and serves best for a nuclear family. The water purifier is safe to use, and the water obtained from it is 100 percent pure as a result of being purified by its double purification process, and it maintains a good taste too along with that.

Best part about it is it won’t cost you any extra space and can be fitted on wall of one’s office or house and the percentage of water that gets purified is more than any other purifiers and water which is rejected and wasted in any other purifier is stored in these and can be later on used for watering plants , mopping etc.

ABS Food Grade Plastic Material

It’s a food-grade plastic material thermoplastic, and thus, it is safer to use. It does not dissolve even a bit of plastic into the water.

Thin Film RO Membrane

The RO principle allows only passage of water molecules through the pores rejecting dissolved salts and other impurities like bacteria by treating water with few radiations as well, which ain’t harmful for our body but indeed kills disease-causing microorganisms.

Sediment, Carbon Block, and Post Carbon Filters

Carbon filters help to remove sediments, chlorine, volatile compounds, taste, and order. Prior to them, sediment is needed, which extends the life of the carbon block or cartridge that is being used.

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What Do We like

Smart Design

The RO has a fantastic modular design, which allows its installation at any place according to the convenience of the customer. The storage tank attached to the water purifier is detachable and thus can be removed anytime for cleaning out on your own.

Mineral RO Technology and Double Purification

The TDS controller of patented mineral RO technology allows the retention of essential natural minerals, which in turn gives the safe and pure water. The Double Purification technique removes the impurities that are dissolved in the water, such as bacteria, chemicals, viruses, and salts, making the water pure.

What We Don’t Like

Maintenance Cost

The amount of money to be spent including a service charge for the technician and the parts that get hampered is quite big in amount.


The cost for the KENT Pearl RO+UV+UF water purifier is high, and no discount is provided.


The KENT Pearl comes with a guarantee period of one year and a storage capacity of 8 liters along with TDS control, which makes it good for the use by mid-sized families. The purifier works well with all kinds of water resources, such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, etc. This RO purifier has been certified and tested by the renowned laboratories for its qualitative review and performance. These certifications assure the purity of water given by it and the affirmation by a huge amount of people.

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Hari Priya

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