KENT Gold Star Gravity-Based Review

Purity, Safety, and Good Results are the only phrases one thinks of while buying any Product. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having such awareness about the product before getting that home. The same is the case with water you consume, it should be pure enough to enough a safe future and a healthy body. Thus Kent is here with it’s new  “Gold Star 22-Litres Gravity-Based Water Purifier,” which employs an advanced gravity purification technique and provides for pure drinking water.

The purifier besides, has a hollow fiber UF membrane under the GRavity Purification, where it provides for healthy drinking water without the use of electricity.


Wall Mountable

It has been designed innovative enough to be mounted on a wall, or even the top-mounted to enhance the quality of your place.

Purification Technique

It uses an advanced Gravity purification technique with a hollow fiber UF membrane that makes the water pure and chemical-free.

What Do We like

No Issue regarding the place

The device is innovatively designed such that it can be wall-mounted, and thus, all you need is a wall, saving all the space from the shelves and utilizing it for other purposes.

Purification technique

It uses an advanced Gravity Purification technique where water is purified by normal gravity process, and moreover, it contains hollow UF Fibres, which has pores of 0.1 microns and is small enough to filter out bacteria and various other micro-organisms.

Storage Capacity

It has a splendid storage supply of 22 Litres that ensures constant water supply, as long as the water is supplied to it for purification purposes.


The major advantage of such type is its non-dependence on electricity for purification purposes, which does not even compromise with the end result (water after purification ).

What We Don’t Like

High TDS

The device is not suitable for water from sources of high TDS and thus limited to Low TDS areas of water sources.


The company’s 24 * 7 helpline service, a warranty period of 1 year, and well-established service centers in almost every city makes the life of the consumer easy in case of any issues. It is easy to maintain, use, and also cost-effective, thereby making it consumer-friendly. Therefore, it is a device that must be found in every household to ensure proper and healthy drinking water, thereby making their body immune enough to fight against diseases.

Hari Priya

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