Kent Gold Optima Non-Electric Water Purifier Review

Kent gold optima is a gravity type of water purifier. Simple design with a combination of ocean blue and white color makes it look attractive. It can enhance the glance of your kitchen or wherever you place it.

This purifier doesn’t need any electricity for purifying water. It consists of a three-layered tank. You will have to pour water from the top and extract purified water from the tap at the bottom.

Tank capacity

It consists of a 10-liter tank with a built water storage capacity of 5ltrs and 5ltrs external tank capacity.

Talking about full top to bottom, it consists of three tanks. Passing through above two tanks, water gets stored in the bottom tank due to gravity. You can extract purified water by pressing the tap in the bottom tank.


This purifier consists of three-stage water filtration techniques. On the first, topmost tank, you will have to pour water. Under the effect of gravity, it will pass through three types of filters sedimentation filter, carbon filter, and finally, UF filter.

Sedimentation Filter

The sedimentation filter is the first stage of purification. Big particles in the water will get separated here. It will extract fine particles of dirt and sand. From sedimentation, stage water will move to the carbon filter stage.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter stage consists of carbon beds. It is known for its right adsorption property. It will absorb harmful chemicals like chlorine from the water.

Also, the small particles which passed through the sedimentation stage will be separated here. After passing through the carbon filter stage, water will be odorless and cleaner. From there, it will go to UF stage purification.

UF filter

UF stage filter consists of excellent pores, cotton and coconut fiber is employed for this purpose with the addition of some chemical ingredients. In the UF stage, ultrafine particles will get separated, and the chemical will kill bacteria and cysts.

Cysts are a group of microbes, and it has the potential of causing many infectious diseases. After passing through all three stages, water drops down in the bottom tank.

What Do We like

Zero power Consumption

KENT Gold Optima works without any electricity consumption. No, any socket or wire is required.

Simple Design and excellent built quality

You can place it anywhere over a firm base. No tubes are there, and you can easily overhaul it. You don’t need any professionals to install it.

The product is made up of transparent ABS food-grade plastic, which makes it safe to use and much more durable.

Germs free Water

UF filter kills most of the disease-causing germs & makes water odorless before drinking.

Low cost

It is available at a very affordable range, and parts are not very costly.

What We Don’t Like

For low TDS only

It works only when TDS is low. It is a term denotes a total number of particles dissolved. If that number is more purifier won’t work efficiently, It doesn’t purify salts too.

Requires frequent maintenance

It’s a filter clog after some time, so you will have to keep cleaning it regularly. After some interval, their parts also need to be changed.


Kent Gold Optima is a non-electric gravity type purifier. It doesn’t consume any power for purifying water. It consists of the three-stage purifier. It is affordable and can be used in regions where TDS is comparatively low. For cleaning a kind of water that is comparatively dirty and contains salt, this purifier can’t be used. It’s simple design and construction make it easy for being maintained, and the purification process is comparatively easy.

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