Havells UV Plus 8-litres UF Water Purifier Review

The Havells UV + UF water purifier filters water through an advanced 5-stage purification system. The UV light kills the various germs and bacteria present in the water while the UF membrane filters out algae, cysts, organics, and inorganic impurities. It ensures crystal clear and microbiologically safe drinking water at a rate of 30 liters per hour.

The futuristic design of the water purifier makes it stand out in any modern kitchen. The model comes with a removable storage tank that can store up to 7-liters of purified water. The ingress protection cover and germicidal UV-C protection ensure its safety.

Let us now take a look at the detailed review of the Havells UV+UF water purifier.

Double UV+UF Purification

It purifies water through a double UV+UF purification technology. The UV lamp kills and prevents the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms present in the water. The water then passes through the UF membrane, which removes cysts, algae, organic, and inorganic impurities from it. Hence, the water purifier ensures crystal clear water with enhanced quality.

Storage Capacity: 7-Liters

The water purifier comes with a removable storage tank that is easy to clean. It stores up to 7-liters of purified water so that you never run out of pure drinking water, even during power failures. The ingress protection tank cover protects the stored water from the external invasion of insects and dust particles.


The purification system includes a revitalizer that restructures the water molecules. The biologically active water molecules enhance hydration and mineral absorption. Hence, it ensures an enriched drinking water experience for you and your family.

Zero Splash Faucet

The water purifier includes a soft-touch faucet with an adjustable knob. It ensures the smooth flow of purified water with zero splashes. It prevents water spillage and ensures a mess-free kitchen.

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What Do We like

Compact Design

It has a compact design that saves space in your kitchen. The water purifier can conveniently be installed on the corner or straight wall. You can even place it on the tabletop. The futuristic design and dual color tone enhance the modern aesthetics of your kitchen.

Safe or No Water

The iProtect Purification Monitoring allows you to monitor the purification process constantly. It automatically stops the process in case it detects a defect. The water purifier also comes with smart error alerts that indicate the replacement of filters and the UV lamp. It ensures safe drinking water at all times.

Electrical Protection System

The electrical protection system allows the water purifier to work well in the voltage range of 170 V to 310 V. It protects the water purifier from damage during voltage fluctuation. Thus, it enhances the life of the water purifier.

What We Don’t Like

Water Taste

The water purifier does not come with a taste enhancer that maintains the pH level of the water. Hence, the taste of the water is not up to the mark.


The water purifier ensures safe and purified drinking water for a large family at all times. The advanced purification system also includes a revitalizer that restructures the water molecules for an enriched drinking water experience. Hence, the Havells UV+UF water purifier is an excellent choice for areas with low TDS.

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