Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Review

Amidst the growing pollution prevailing in the environment, there has been an increase in the harmful microorganisms in the environment and thus, in turn damaging our health. Water is the primary source for the consumption of various necessary ingredients. Thus Eureka Forbes is back with its brand new Water Purifier -“Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO + UV + MTDS”.

It has advanced water purifying features, employing the RO, UV and MTDS techniques. Besides the Burgundy color,  it has an exceptional capacity of 6 Litres, which is huge and can suffice a normal-sized Indian Family.


RO + UV + MTDS  water purification techniques

RO – Reverse osmosis; converts hard water to soft water. UV – Ultraviolet; removes contaminants from soft water. The MTDS regulator ensures that the purifiers work for different sources of water.

The storage capacity of  6 Litre

The purifier has an overall storage capacity of 6 Litres and ensures an optimal utilization without wasting the electricity, thereby ensuring electricity conservation principles.

Purification standard

It has cleared all the purity checks and thus safe to drink.

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What Do We like

Low power consumption

In a world full of electricity consumption appliances, the purifiers enable low consumption of power without compromising with efficiency.

High Filteration Rate

It purifies water as soon as the volume reaches to 4 Litres and ends up with a constant water supply throughout.

Long filter life

With exceptional inbuilt features, there will be a long filter life. As a part of the contribution and trust towards the consumers, the company ensures a 1-year guarantee and hassle-free consumer service.

What We Don’t Like

Inefficiency to take waters of high temperatures for purification

Heated Water due to high temperature in summers can make the purification process difficult, endangering the life of the internal devices.

The presence of reverse osmosis creates a huge amount of wastewater.



Despite its ability to purify under high temperatures which can be overcome with the installation of the specific device before the actual filtration process that begins, it is an excellent device primarily because of its pros that have been mentioned and secondarily because of it’s environment-friendly, easy to use and maintain features. And thus, with it’s beautiful outlook and smart purification techniques, it is definitely a safe approach to stay away from the harmful pathogens ensuring a healthy and secure life of the household.

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Hari Priya

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