Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano RO Water Purifier Review

This purifier from Eureka Forbes is meant for those households who want a compact-sized purifier for their kitchen as it won’t take a lot of space. It purifies water using its 5 stage purification process and provides the cleanest and safest drinking water to its consumers.

Apart from that, it has a micro switch float to maintain the water level and avoid overflow of the same. It also has an auto shut off option that lets the machine shut itself in case it has been idle for 10 mins. Its cartridges include removal of all harmful particles as well as a taste enhancer, to make the drinking water taste good.


Microswitch float

This feature allows the purifier to maintain the water level and not let it overflow, which ultimately saves water.

Auto shut off

In case the machine’s sitting idle for 10 minutes, it’ll shut off the UV lamp automatically. This helps in enhancing the life of a UV lamp.

Voltage stabilizer

This machine comes with an in-built stabilizer, which helps in the working of purifier even during voltage fluctuations.

Cartridge specification

The cartridge includes sediment removal, chemical removal, an RO membrane, and taste enhancer so that after killing off the particles that can cause contamination of water, the taste is retained. It has a purification capacity of almost liters.

Purification capacity

It provides almost 12 liters of purified water per hour. This way, you can always have sufficient purified water at your disposal.

What Do We like

Non-toxic Material

The purifier is made up of non-toxic material, which ensures safety from any sort of chemical that can get mixed in the water from the purifier’s body.

Saves water

Due to its microswitch float, the water level is always maintained, and no extra water is wasted on it.

Energy saver

Due to its automatic turn off, in case its been idle for a while, it ensures that energy is saved when not being used.

Safe to use

The voltage stabilizer ensures that this purifier is always reliable to use, with no matter fluctuations caused in voltage.

Dual purification

It uses both RO as well as UV technology to purify the water, which ensures that not even a single particle of dust or dirt can escape it. The water purifier is top-notch and safe for its consumers to drink.

What We Don’t Like

Limited Capacity:

The only disadvantage of this purifier is how its capacity to hold only 4 liters of water.


This purifier from Eureka Forbes has been specially made, keeping in mind that it should take less of kitchen space and yet has the best features of a purifier.

It is most suitable to purchase as it’s sleek, easy to install, and also provides the best purification of water due to its dual purification technology used in it, as compared to many other purifiers at the same price.

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