Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus RO+UV Water Purifier Review

Life without water is impossible and with the growing level of concern to save everyone from the harmful environment containing various amounts of pathogens and harmful compounds within the air we breathe, the water we use, the food we eat, Eureka Forbes is back with “Aquaguard Geneus RO + UV  7-Litre Water purifier “.

The brand new product of Eureka Forbes does not disappoint its customers for a promising and trustworthy deal of life. With its new advanced purification techniques utilizing RO + UV methods, it has once again proved that quality would never be compromised when it comes to their customers.

RO + UV purification techniques

RO – Reverse osmosis; apart from removing the contaminants, the reverse osmosis treated water tastes better than any other source. UV- Ultraviolet; this method is effective, thereby killing 99% of the microorganisms and also ensures the water to chemical-free.

7-liter storage capacity

Availability of water at all times is the prime need of the customer, and thus to meet its requirement, the purifier is built to store about 7-Litres of water, which is just enough to quench of the thirst of an entire family at once .

Purification Standard

Employing some of the best water treatment techniques, the purifier has passed all the safety tests and is known to produce safe drinking water, fit for direct use.

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What Do We like

Low energy utilization

Both the methods of RO + UV use low energy to produce a high output, thus saving energy and being in terms of energy conservation.

Trouble-free, reliable, safe and easy to maintain

The purifier is made in an efficient manner keeping in mind about the consumers. It can be used and operated easily by anyone regardless of his knowledge of technology .

You save

With such an efficient  7 liter water purifier at home, you do not have to buy bottled water bottles for pure water rather you may yourself carry this water in water bottles anywhere.

What We Don’t Like

Removal of essential minerals from water

RO removes essential minerals like sodium, iron, etc from the water and thus the body might suffer from lack of these minerals.


The purifier comes with an excellent in-built mechanism of turning itself off whenever the capacity is met and also the company’s warranty period of 1 year and hassle-free service centers in every city, installation of these might be the biggest boon to every household.

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Anaida Sutherland

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