A.O.Smith Z6+Hot 48-Watt RO Water Purifier Review

The A.O. Smith Z6 comes with a seven-stage purification system, which includes pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, side stream RO membrane, Min-Tech, and a silver activated carbon filter. The advanced filtration process is powered by the Silver Charged Membrane Technology. The anti-bacterial properties of the SCMT ensure the re-purification of the water for the removal of secondary microbial contaminants.

The patented RO membrane ensures minimum water wastage and better rejection of contaminants. Hence, RO+SCMT technology ensures double protection of healthy and safe water.

Let us now take a look at the in-depth review of the A.O. Smith Z6 water purifier.

Patented Side Stream RO + SCMT

The side stream RO membrane ensures the efficient removal of contaminants from the water. It allows the water to flow sideways to reduce water wastage and eliminate impurities.

The advanced 7-stage purification system is powered by the Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT). It re-purifies the water for the removal of secondary contamination. Hence, the double protection ensures safe and healthy drinking water.

10-Liters Storage Capacity

It comes with a food-grade storage tank that stores up to 10-liters of purified water. Hence, the large prevents you from running out of pure drinking water.

Mineraliser Technology

The Min-Tech enhances the fresh and natural taste of the drinking water. It retains the essential minerals and maintains the pH levels of the water. Hence, the water purifier ensures healthy and tasty water at all times.

Advanced Digital Display

The model includes an advanced digital display that comes with advanced alerts and indicators. The tank full indicator notifies when the tank is full. It also comes with temperature, power-on, auto-flush, and filter change alerts. The red icon indicates that hot water is available.

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What Do We like

Mineralized Hot Water

The water purifier offers the convenience of obtaining mineralized hot water with the touch of a button. The purified hot water can be used for cooking and other purposes.

Convenient Use

The drip tray allows ease of filling up bottles and glasses. The tray can be removed when required. It also comes with a water level indicator that indicates the water level in the tank.

The digital display provides useful information about the working of the water purifier. Hence, the water purifier is convenient to use.


The RO membrane comes with a 2-year warranty worth INR 4980. AO Smith also provides a one-hour response, a one-hour resolution, and a one-time fix. Hence, it is a reliable option worth buying.

What We Don’t Like

Drip Tray

The drip tray does not come with an outlet that eliminates the accumulated water. The excess water collected in the tray needs to be drained manually. Moreover, the filling of water results in a lot of water spillage, which creates a mess in the kitchen.


The A.O. Smith is an RO water purifier that ensures efficient purification of water with minimum water wastage. The RO+SCMT technology provides dual protection of the purified water. Hence, it never compromises the health and safety of your large family. It is an excellent choice for those with no price restraint.

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